The Future is Organic, Green, Chemical Free – Why Wait?

When I first started my coaching business, I was interested in sharing and helping people with their spiritual side. Exploring and teaching all things beyond this 3d world.

I taught meditation to help prepare their mind for the many journeys that we would take into these other worlds. I learned that the spiritual areas of our life was connected to our mind. I also noticed that many of these people had blockages and thought patterns that interfered with the meditation process and accessing the spiritual worlds. To better serve my clients, I added hypnotherapy to my toolbox and helped many enrich their lives.

We uncovered emotions that had been forgotten and hidden for years, Back to research. I discovered that many of the blockages of the mind were these emotions that were actually stored in various areas throughout the body.

In order to help heal these emotional blockages, I added an energy healing system called Reiki to my toolbox. Combining meditation, hypnosis and energy healing increased and enhanced the quality of life for many. This healing energy travels through your electric (nervous) system. This electric system has outlets called chakras. There are 114 of these chakras that interact with your environment. And guess what. I learned some techniques to clear and balance the charkas to improve the energy circulation throughout the body.

Did you notice another connection? The spiritual part of your being is connected to your mind. Your Mind is connected to your body. This conclusion is the reason that I have added food products to my list of tools to help improve the lives of my clients.

I would like to introduce Regeneration USA.

Regeneration USA has created proprietary, daily use products that not only work but are in high demand. Millions of people are using similar, inferior products every day. 


This makes my job simple. I just point them to our certified organic, natural & 100% toxin free products instead of what their already using. I have found this company to be a great vehicle to a better financial future. 

Whole Food Bars

There is NO COST to Join! That’s right! Regeneration USA has taken the risk out of starting a home based business by eliminating the startup costs that other opportunities require. This was not only a huge benefit for me, but it also is a huge incentive to those who are joining my team. There is NO

sign up fee, NO website fee, and NO renewal fee. No cost equals no risk, which equals a “no brainer”.

Founded with integrity.. Backed by science.. designed for the little guy.. built for the heavy hitters.

Welcome to the Team

May your path always be bright,

Dr Joe

This article was published on 29.06.2016 by Dr Joe Parazoo
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