Why is it so important to have your ideal weight?

Maintaining your ideal and healthy weight can help you feel better and reduce the risk and severity of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis. 

 Setting a goal to lose weight and reach your ideal weight, besides having an aesthetic factor, will help you feel better and you will have higher energy levels, without forgetting to reduce the risk of diseases. Keep in mind that you do not have to look like a magazine model to experience all the benefits of being at your ideal weight, because if you only lose 4 to 8 kilograms (10 to 15 pounds), you can achieve much more than just be healthy.                                notdiet

If you are a person who has a few pounds to lose, here we tell you why it is so important that you start a plan to lose weight and achieve your ideal weight. https://goo.gl/6QAjUP

Within the risk of being overweight, carrying more pounds can generate a variety of health problems, caused by joint pain, this is because excess weight puts more pressure on your joints and can Cause arthritis, since you imagine that having an overweight of about 10 kilos, translates to that you put between 13 to 27 kilos more of force on your knees every time you give a step. One study concluded that women of normal height decreased their risk of osteoarthritis in the knees by half for every 5 kilos each lost.

Having more fat in your abdomen (a waist circumference of over 89 cms for women and over 101 cms for men), the risk that you may have type 2 diabetes increases considerably, this is explained by the fact that Fat tissue around the waist can produce inflammation of the body, and this in turn increases the chances of getting sick.
Keep in mind that losing just 10% of your weight can significantly reduce blood cholesterol levels, improve blood sugar levels, and keep your blood pressure within normal levels, in addition To significantly improve the severity of sleep apnea (a condition in which people stop breathing for prolonged periods of time while they sleep), according to the results of a study.

Going for an ideal weight will make you a healthier person, feel better physically and emotionally, have more opportunity to avoid illness, and even live longer.

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This article was published on 24.11.2016 by Juan Veras
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