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The Do's and Don'ts for Getting Free MLM Leads on Facebook

There are in fact effective and ineffective ways for promoting your business opportunity on Facebook.

So let's just get right into it without further hesitation.

Don't #1: Put your affiliate link in your post

Some people might be thinking: "That's crazy, you should be linking in all of your posts so people can see your opportunity and have a chance to opt into it."

Believe it or not this is false and for one simple reason:

Facebook does not like it when you put links in your post that take people off of their platform and into a different platform. You're taking time from people off of their platform and putting it to another platform that is not Facebook.

Facebook will actually penalize you for doing so by making your post less visible to people. And by that I mean A LOT less visible. 

Don't #2: Vomit every single detail about your company and the comp plan.

We tend to fool ourselves into thinking the more information you put into a post, the better.

This also usually isn't the case as people can very easily suffer from information overload.

Think about it. The more information you put in, the more people need to process it. And when you're on social media, that's the last thing you want to have people do on your post. 

Don't #3: Be super vague in your post.

"Wait didn't you say not to vomit all the details in your post?"

Yup, but that doesn't mean you get to become vague in your posts either.

Too often do we happen to hear things such as:

"Paid weekly/monthly"

"Amazing comp plan"

"Ground floor opportunity"

And the oh so dreaded "ask me how"

These are all just buzzwords that don't really appeal to people. 

There needs to be a happy medium to where people understand what you do, but don't throw every detail in their face as to why they should join.

And there happens to be a video series in which a successful networker shows you how she was able to make a 6-figure annual income by simply doing this exact thing.

You can get access to those videos by clicking here.

Now onto the Do's.

Do #1: Be informative and educative in your posts.

In many cases, people need to become fans of the product first before they even consider becoming a business partner.

But in order for them to become fans of the product, they need to be educated and informed about what your products do and how it's helped you.

More education. Less hype.

Do #2: Finding a common pain point you can solve.

Sell CBD products? Who do you think your products might help best? 

Is it perhaps people that struggle with chronic pain? Insomnia? Skin care? 

Involved in financial literacy? Who do you think that might help best?

People who struggle with managing their money? People that feel they need to make an extra $10k just to keep their head above water?

Involved in crypto? Who do you think your platform might help best?

People who don't have a lot of confidence in the current fiat based monetary system? People who might be investors and looking for other affordable place to invest?

You get the gist.

Do #3: Get your hands on the 5 Day Posting for Profits Challenge.

Yeah I'm going to consider this a do if you happen to be struggling getting leads for your business on Facebook.

Because PFP (Posting for Profits) is going to take you through a series of videos hosted by a 6-figure networker and how she was able to build her organization with simply her Facebook Profile and literally nothing else.

You can get access to those videos by clicking here.

Until next time fellow networkers and opportunity seekers!

This article was published on 09.06.2021 by Kevin Williams
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