I love working with 'like-minded' people .... Here is my story

I have worked from home and made over 6 figures every year for 30 years.  My husband and I met in our first Network Marketing company.  Here are 3 things I have learned over the years that may help you:

Who knew a  “YES” 30 years ago would provide for our family year after year!   My checking account was nearly at ZERO and I almost said 'NO' (I feel emotional just thinking about it now)

Lesson 1: Don’t allow your current circumstances to block your future blessings!

Lesson 2: if you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way; if not, you’ll find an excuse.

Lesson 3: it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. 

We have never been the biggest SUPER STARS in our company, however we have always been persistent and consistent which has given us more than i can describe.  My mission now after learning all the lessons I have learned is to help others achieve what I have learned and done. 

Before I joined my NWM company in 1990 I was a Corporate Executive - I made great money .... but I also spent it as fast as I made it.  One of the things I have learned about being my own boss is how to manage my time AND my money.  

My leadership style focuses on transferring my knowledge and belief in this industry to others.  Since money is no longer my major goal, my passion now turns  to helping others so that they can enjoy even greater levels of excellence and success.   My lessons along the way will and can help others achieve whatever level of success they desire.

Please reach our to me if you would like to hear how I have achieved my ongoing success.  Please DM me on my facebook page and I can get some information into your hands.  


Let me tell you a bit about my husband - since we are a team:

Ken Smith is a native of Vancouver, B.C. Canada, and is an Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the field of Sales & Marketing, Small Business Ownership, Training and Personal Development.

His focus is on the mentoring of serious, committed, highly “coachable” individuals who have crystal clear career objectives.

Due to Ken’s comprehensive understanding of how to achieve extraordinary success in team building, he is a valuable resource to anyone who is determined to develop a significant part or full-time income in the Network Marketing Profession.

Ken has been a pioneer on the leading edge recognizing major disruptive innovations over several decades.

Ken’s favorite quote: “There are two times in life 1. Right Now 2. Too Late.”

This article was published on 20.10.2021 by Patti Davison-smith
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