Leo is larger than Life

LEO is good business opportunity for every one in the world if you want to know more about LEO business please visit


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thats all about my leo business and i dont need to any new Company because LEO is Greater than Life

What is LEOcrowd?

LEOcrowd is an online platform that will connect people who want to secure funding for a project, with people who want to fund such projects, in return for a reward. Whether the funds are required to record a music album, write a book or design the new product you have created or to grow your business into a global empire, LEOcrowd can help you. We also accept digital currency which elevates LEOcrowd to among the most advanced crowdfunding companies in the world.

The company’s mission is to help creative minds realize their envisioned ideas by achieving the required funds and 'setting their entrepreneurial spirit free.'

Make your move NOW!

LEOcrowd is a global crowdfunding platform that uses both LEOcoin and Bitcoin


I am looking for enthusiastic, global business partners all over the world to join my team!

Full and Part time opportunities available

Whatever your background is, whatever your current employment status is, I would like to talk to you! I have full-time and part-time opportunities available – fantastic earning for dedicated individuals.

Become your own boss

You will be working for yourself but not by yourself. You will receive all the help, training and guidance you need.

The role

You will become an independent distributor of Essential services that YOU, I and everyone on the planet uses. The company offers amazing incentives, rewards and bonuses, all attainable if you are enthusiastic and dedicated. There is also an opportunity to move up the ladder for the right individuals.

Benefits in LEO

Extra Income

More time and freedom

Retirement Income

Meeting new people

Being your own boss

Helping others

A better work/life balance

Achieving your potential

Career satisfaction

Working from home

LEO coin or LEOcoin

The final piece of the LEO puzzle is the launch in June 2014 in Dubai UAE of LEOcoin. This is a cryptocurrency that is inspired by the success and notoriety gained by Bitcoin since its creation in 2009. The advantages of anonymity, security and user friendliness of a decentralised currency are nothing short of revolutionary and many experts are predicting that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are set to become our generation's ultimate disruptive technology.

"We studied Bitcoin, saw its strengths and weaknesses, and launched LEOcoin on the shoulders of its achievements, while improving on just about every aspect of it," Dan says. "But we also have a unique platform on to which we can launch LEOcoin – our Associates and the Global network of real people in the real world that are part of LEO. When Bitcoin launched it was to a few tech-heads and computer enthusiasts. When LEO launched it was to over 40,000 members, all aspiring to be entrepreneurs, all with passion and energy, all devoted to LEO and our vision. LEOcoin has legs on the ground, champions who will fight for the virtual currency, who will recruit outlets and merchants accepting LEOcoin for purchases of goods and services, both online and offline. Soon the little sticker in the windows and on the cash-tills saying ‘LEOcoin Accepted Here' will become a Global phenomena."

And, as many online LEO reviews are starting to say, LEO is also becoming a Global phenomenon and a business opportunity second to none.

This article was published on 01.09.2016 by Irshad Hussain
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