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I, like everyone else here, have been involved in MLM for many years, both online and offline, and have made and lost money.

My journey began ten years ago with affiliate marketing and MLM, and it has been a roller coaster ride in which I have failed both online and off. I tried almost every strategy and spent a lot of money on the latest silver object. In the majority of cases, you will discover that the money flow is set up to benefit the person who created the product or concept, while you are the one who is being milked and upsold ten to fifteen times. After finally fitting everything together, you realize that everyone has gone on to the next silver piece and you have to start over from scratch. 

My experience taught me a few things, including the fact that I will have to develop my own product or concept and use the same methods as everyone else. The only problem I had, and still have, was that I couldn't bring myself to do it morally. Also, the amount of money and effort required would have been excessive. So the years passed, and each time I found the strength to get back on the horse and ride until the horse had nowhere else to go until now.

I was always looking for the following qualities in any business model: morality, the financial benefit to the downline, customers satisfied with the purchase and adding value to their lives, and a long-term sustainable business.

This year, I discovered the 7dollar Club, a company that handles all of the above, and the compensation plan is excellent and exciting.

The system is a highly effective and fast-filling 4x4 matrix that is completed in two stages, and the third stage is a faster-filling 3x4 matrix.

The startup cost is only $7 less than a Starbucks coffee, and all you need are four referrals on your team. The time it takes to complete the stages is determined by how quickly each downline member can get four referrals into the system. All other programs require you to refer a large number of people, which can be overwhelming. If you are an overperformer, which happens frequently in this system, these referrals will be placed in your next available spot in your downline team. Downlines are not permitted to advance past their sponsors; each sponsor must first qualify for the next level before the downlines can advance. If the sponsor is a nonperformer, there are some exceptions to this rule. On completion of stages 1, 2, and 3, this will generate $216,720, simple, but very effective.

Each stage has four levels, and in order to advance, you purchase from your up line and sell to your downline banner and text ads.  Each level upgrade is funded by the profit you make on the current level. Money is paid directly to you at each level, and you receive 100% commissions. You can use these ads to advertise this business, another business you own, or other people's businesses, and they will pay you directly.

You will be given a landing page referral link to promote, similar to mine:, which you can use to join my team. The system will only accept referral links for new signups. After your sponsor approves you, you will receive a fully functional dashboard with all of the necessary requirements to run this business. The dashboard is intended for each user to manage their own business.

That's it: a simple, financially rewarding, self-managed system for just $7.

Join here: and put this opportunity to the test.

We'll see you inside.

Best regards 

Vernon Fenner 

Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur 

This article was published on 27.08.2022 by Vernon Fenner
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