I Am Looking for True Network Marketers

Well where do I start?

My story has been a journey of frustration, disappointment and a big hole in the bucket.

I’ve done it all in the online marketing world, Herbalife, CarbonCopy Pro, Empower Network, and although I’ve had a degree of success, it hasn't really stuck, and thus I’ve wandered aimlessly and alone through the minefield of online marketing, still seeking that silver bullet.

Sure, I’ve marketed to the masses, solo ads, banner ads, lead generation, blogs, SEO, and amassed a list in the thousands. 

However, it didn’t take long to discover most of these leads, were in reality, duds. 

Who’s fault was that? 

Mine, probably. Looking in the wrong direction, as many of us do. It’s a very hard business to succeed in, as we all know.

Disillusioned, and having virtually thrown in the towel, I received a call from a true Network Marketer, someone I trust and admire, who graceful encouraged me to look at something new, that promised to erase all those years of failure.

Was I up for it? 

No not really, but how could I refuse, to at least show some respect?

So I did, and to begin with I looked only for reasons to pick it apart and say an emphatic no, but I couldn’t.

And the result...

Cut a long story short, 2 hours later, I was back in the game, and feeling reinvigorated.

The company concerned, markets a truly amazing health product, which I am proud to promote to anyone within my circle of influence.

Needless to say, I am very excited and eager to share with you, because for me, it ticks all the right boxes.

I really like the simplicity of this system, and am looking for the right people to join me.

Take a look here, -   http://crashcor.com 

Enter your details (obligation free) and you will see 3 short videos that explain everything, making it very simple to share.  

It has all the ingredients we, as networkers, need to be successful:  

* Simple product that everyone needs

* Global business

* Easy plan where the part-timer can earn quickly

* Simple Pay Plan - No leadership levels - No tricks – No hoops & loops

* Affordable 

What I have learnt is that a good product, a good compensation plan, and simple, common sense marketing systems, is a good start, but you have to find the right people, and then work hard to connect and build a relationship with them.

Trust is key, and it may take several interactions, before they feel compelled to take action. If what you are offering, is of value to them, and fulfills a need, they may join you.

I have made a very encouraging start, but I’m not too proud, to say that I could do with some help to grow this business, so please take a look, and if it of any interest to you, then come on board.

Any suggestions on how I can realistically and cost effectively market this to the right people would be most welcome.

That link again http://crashcor.com

Thank you friends.

Ash Morgan

Canberra Australia

This article was published on 05.03.2016 by Ash Morgan
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