How to get a MASSIVE amount of daily optins...


Imagine no longer struggling with traffic for your offers.

Just think you could get traffic from these 8 sources from someone spending $28,000/day...

Google AdWords



Traffic Exchanges


Safe lists

Solo ads

Banner ads

That would be awesome, right?

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Here's the thing about lead gen... 99.99% of the time the leads people sell are super low quality -- they don't open, click, and most importantly... buy.

What I'm sharing with you today is different, because instead of just regular "leads"... these are permission-based email optins. Here's the difference.

Leads: Random people who likely are not interested

Permission-based email optins: Qualified and specifically targeted people who are ready and willing to open, click, and buy!

If you'd like to see how to get 80 permission-based email optins per day...

I highly recommend you join now, because from time to time they "close" their program to make sure current members get the best service possible.

This is so crazy!

But it's true.

There's this new avenue for online business owners like us that blows EVERYTHING else out of the water.


This is way too good of a story not to share.

Last week I was sitting on my couch watching Netflix and I got a notification on my phone from Morgan Hale.

Normally, I wouldn't have paused my show when getting an email -- but whenever she sends me something, I know it's something I need to read right away.

Anyway, in her email she told me about this crazy new thing she created that helps any online business owner get the "boost" they need to start getting fast results.

It sounded so awesome in the email, I had to try it out.

Now... I wouldn't be sending you this email if I didn't have something awesome to share with you, so listen closely because this is where things get good. :)

In just 7 days from starting her program (BMOB), I was able to get...

==> 560 NEW email optins who were ALL permission-based (this means they were legitimate people who are looking to spend money)

==> 5 emails (written by a professional copywriter) that I could use as a template for any offer I want

==> Over {Insert $$$ Amount Here} in commissions from simply sending an email that took me 15 minutes per day

You might be wondering... that sounds great, but it also sounds expensive.

You'd be right to think so, but the cost of Morgan's offer is not expensive at all -- the investment is no more than 1 Hawaiian Pizza a month!

I'm literally so happy Morgan shared it with me. And, I'm even more excited to get to share this with you.

For just the price of 1 Hawaiian Pizza, they'll do what others charge THOUSANDS for.

And... they'll do it for you every single day!

Welcome to the NEW way of boosting any online biz!

Isn't it awesome when a program focuses on you and your goals?

If you agree...

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David Calderon

This article was published on 25.11.2016 by David Calderon
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