Tips To Convert Network Marketing Leads Into Sales, Over The Telephone


It may be the most useful, successful, and most important tool for success in network marketing. 

But, most are trying everything to avoid using it.

If it works so well, why would almost every network marketer spend more time looking for a way around using then to just learn to use it?

Of course, this is a telephone, and the reason is, because most are scared to try it.

So let's dive into some tips to help you convert more sales over the phone, and build a network marketing team.

Be Fearless

Remember when you said "I'll do whatever it takes to succeed"?

That is the right mindset to have. But many meant to say "I'll do anything but use a telephone to succeed".

The best advice I could give to become better at phone conversions, is to start calling your leads.

I personally, sign up people almost on a daily basis when I use the telephone.

Yet, I never try to sale anyone. Ever.

I never ask people to join, I just talk to them and let the ones who tell me they are wanting to join, get started.

By calling enough people, and using the right sources, I meet these people almost everyday.

By focusing on just reaching out to see why they opted-in, or just to see what they are interested in about something, is the best way to find the right people.

Remember this about a telephone.You are not looking to make sales, but find the right person that you can get along with.


Had A Bad Experience Calling Leads?

Many try and think "there's got to be a better way".

Most in reason because of how the lead was generated.

If using purchased leads, you will find extreme rejection and rude people.

Reason is, they filled out a shot at a sweepstakes, now you and everyone else is calling 50 times a day.

The lead was mislead, and had no prior interest in what you have. Making this a huge reason people get out of network marketing.

So if you have a good source for leads, you will find that these type conversation are almost non-existing.

Genealogy leads are a good source to use when you are not generating your own. They have experience in MLM and more open to chatting about it.

But the best is your own generated lead. These have raised their hands wanting to know more.

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What Should I Say?

This prevents several people from ever making their first call.

Knowing what to say is actually not important, other then on the first sentence of the conversation.

You need only to say a scripted reply when explaining why you are calling.

From there, the prospect's response will determine the conversation.

Think of it as asking a friend something, and their reply takes the conversation where it goes.

Network marketing is no different. 

I've had conversation get off topic all the time, and usually those are the ones that sign up.

You only need to introduce yourself, get an idea of a prospect's interest, and see if there is anything said by the prospect to open the door for more conversation.

Build the "know, like, and trust" factor as much as you can on the first call. Many times only one call is needed to get a sale if you and the prospect have an enjoyable conversation. 

Get My Personal Phone Scripts For Getting Conversations Going, Using The Link At Bottom Of Business Announcement


What If They Ask A Question I Don't Know?

Another major reason people avoid calling leads.

Afraid they'll be asked something they can't answer.

You will always get asked a question you can't answer if you do a lot of calls.

But for me, never have I lost a sale over it.

Usually, this allows for a second call back later down the road, so treat it as a good thing.

People will not lose interest over a question you don't know, unless it's really simple like the company's name you work with.

The Overall Idea Of Converting Leads

Work your numbers, and don't focus on getting sales from the calls.

Calling your leads is only about finding out why they wanted more info, or why they opted-in.

What you will find, is some of them you don't click with, or think will do good.

But what you always find is, you meet someone who is open to talking with you and will talk your ear off.

When you find the right person, it works itself from there.

You will be comfortable talking with them, because you know they are liking what you offer.

Just focus on continuing calls until you meet the right one. Never try to make sales.

This makes calling leads in network marketing super easy, comfortable, and you get little to no rejection from anyone.

Did This Help?

Did this help explain more on why the phone is nothing to fear?

All you need to do to make sales over the phone, is use it.

If you got some value from this, please leave a comment below and let me know.

Also, be sure to send me a connection request here on MLM Gateway so we can share value more with each other.

P.S Want more details and the scripts I use to get people talking on the phone? Visit my blog here and get the full details. Also grab your free copy of 20 WAYS TO GET LEADS while you're there.

This article was published on 09.11.2018 by Jaye Carden
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