Network Marketing Opportunity in Health, Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition and Beauty

We have a fantastic Network Marketing business opportunity available where you can build your own business and begin earning money from day 1.

As your distribution/sales team grows (and their sales teams grow, and their sales teams grow etc.) your earnings will grow too but your workload will decrease and you can easily be in a position to retire within the next 4 years! This is because it is a residual income position, so your income is being brought to you through up to 7 generations of distributors. Look at it this way - if you recruit 4 people in your sales team, and they each recruit 4 in theirs, and they each recruit 4 in theirs... That is 64 people you are earning from and all you have really done is recruit 4 people and teach them how to continue recruiting. If each of your 4 optimise their paylines, and each of their 4 optimise theirs and so on up to generation 7, you will be earning a fortune yet you won't be required to be doing any of the work yourself! Network Marketing is understandably a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry, it is responsible for most of the world's billionaires and 80% of women earning over £100k per year are part of this industry.

Please note, this is not an opportunity like some of the current well known opportunities - you do not have to hold stock, you do not have to deliver products yourself and you do not only make money if you sell once you have an active team. You can sell all by yourself and earn commission. We have had many people come from the very top of other MLM companies and start again with us because they see the potential of this opportunity. It was founded in the US and has only recently come to the UK but we already have a great amount of representatives and now is definitely the time to enrol as the company is set to be huge.

There are also some fantastic incentives, savings plans, matching bonuses, luxury car bonuses and lots more to offer as well as fabulous events around the country where you can meet hundreds and thousands of other Network Marketers who are extremely successful in the industry. It is a great place to learn, be inspired and make friends for life. It really is an amazing, friendly community.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please get in touch so that we can send you some more detailed information about the opportunity. 

This article was published on 09.03.2016 by Carlos Holden
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