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My name is RD Ecksmith, I built our first database in 1997, so I have been around while. I'm not going to say "I've seen it all, but I will say "I've seen most of them Lol! There is a lot of hope on this site. I was speaking with a very smart lady a couple of months ago. She was so excited about her opportunity. A few weeks later she sent me a different offer, (opportunity what-ever) I recently received another message from her saying she was going to quit. It made me feel so bad for her to see all that hope, and ambition go from a 10 to zero in less than two months. Why? Because she got tired of pitching her friends and family. She got tired of pitching everyone on her son's team. She just ran out of people to talk to, and everyone was avoiding her like the pledge. How would you like to have 5 people a day who WANT YOU TO CONTACT THEM ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS? Go here! Yes! reverse the process and your results will be much better. FACT! There are over 400,000 people every month searching for a way to make money from home. This is a global movement! Is your business a business that would appeal to them? Would you like FREE training on how to email, call, or text them information with a simple automated system? Would you like all of this for less than 50 cents per contact?

 Let’s be honest here, I love living the Laptop Lifestyle, I get up when I want, I work when I want, (2-3 hrs./day) I travel when I want, (tax de-duction) but it's still all about the money! When your opportunity is bringing in lots of money and your helping other people, YOU LOVE YOUR OPPORTUNITY!

I have decided to write this article to help others. I have been using this source leads almost 2 years so I can tell you they are hot and fresh! I'm not even going to tell you about my opportunity. I will just say I am currently in the Philippines until April 23rd. I have enjoyed this lifestyle now almost 10 years. I am not trying to get you to change your current opportunity. NO MATTER WHAT OPPORTUNITY YOU ARE INVOLVED IN. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE HAVING 5 NEW FRESH PEOPLE EVERY DAY WHO WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU ????

You see if I help you out, and latter down the road you want to look at something else, maybe you will contact me and I'm sure we can work together. I also generate my own leads, and I can tell you from experience, it's really hard to go through all the work involved to generate leads yourself for this price. So just go here, and have someone to talk to everyday who is like minded like you that wants to earn money online.

Just remember, take action....if you don't you will FAIL...

I'm always rutting for you!


This article was published on 17.04.2022 by David Ecksmith
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5 leads a day - leads, 75 USD to join

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David Bryant Do you know if these are USA leads are world wide?  1 year ago
David Ecksmith Thanks Mike! It is not working on the announcement but if you just copy and paste it to your browser it works fine. I just tried it.   1 year ago
Mike Brown Your link does not work  1 year ago

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