Regeneration USA, who are they?

When we eat the main thing we think about is taste and hunger satisfaction, however there are other things that should be taken into consideration for optimum health. Many modern day foods have been processed and contain fats and chemicals that can be harmful to health in the short and long term. This is something that regeneration hope to change by educating people of all ages and providing them with an alternative to the many damaging foods that are readily available.

If you think of the body in the same way as a vehicle, you will be aware that to keep both in optimum health they need to receive the right fuel and maintenance. Using a fuel that is low in nutrients for your body could result in many health problems from obesity to sluggishness, diabetes and even certain cancers. By making healthier food choices you will be able to improve the way your body works on the inside, which will not only help you feel better but will start to show on the outside too. Better nutrition can even help to prevent hair loss, signs of early aging and prevent numerous health problems.

Regeneration USA began by helping combat aging and optimal health in 2008 by ensuring all of their products are created by using the best ingredients without sillicas and other types of fillers. By ensuring the products are made naturally they were taking the first steps to educate the current and upcoming generation. It all begin with an Anti-Aging whole food bar which was created to be affordable, tasty and convenient which are all things people in the modern busy world want.From the bar they decided to take the next step and created the Tea of life which was and still is made from organic materials without any caffeine content. The ingredients are well known to help to heal the body and combat aging after being used for generation in Asia.

The longevity formula was the next to be added to the range. It contains super fruits which can help to protect against oxidative stress which is known to cause aging. The Resveratrol ingredient has been scientifically shown to increase the lifespan of mice and can do the same for the human race too and is the only marketed Resveratrol to have been through human trials that have been documented.Many of the people in today’s world have mineral deficiencies that can cause an imbalance in the body. This can show in many ways including the outside by way of skin conditions and the inside where the organs are not able to do their job as efficiently as they could. Food minerals greatly depend on the soil in which the original seeds are grown. All of the foods used to make the Regeneration USA have been grown in pesticide free soil which is also given extra nutrition naturally making them rich in the minerals and nutrients needed for the healthiest ingredients.

Since the original snack and tea releases there have been many other products added to the range to give Regeneration USA customers a huge choice depending on tastes and needs. For those that love chocolate the Living Raw Chocolate range is also available, but unlike the type you usually buy in a store it is full of enzymes that help the body to digest food and the fat within the chocolate is used for energy quickly so that it cannot be stored in the body as fat. The other ingredients in the tasty range include magnesium and iron which are great for helping support heart health and giving natural energy. The ingredients are also a useful aphrodisiac.

Who needs pills and potions created in laboratories when you can get everything you need from nature?There are always new products being developed so you don’t have to worry about getting bored of the available options.

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This article was published on 13.06.2016 by Kerry Gaynor
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