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I have tried many business ventures and failed at almost everyone of them. Network marketing venture after network marketing venture and what I didn't know was how these big wigs in these marketing companies would make so much money. I listen to the calls and listened to the calls. Still did not understand how to become successful. For awhile I felt like just giving up but something in me told me to keep going until I find one and go all out. Now I have tried them all from pyramid schemes to buying and selling. Still had no results but I kept going and going. Still get a lil bit then nothing. I was getting to the point when I was completely unhappy with my job and felt like I needed more and could not seem to succeed. Now I did have one that was pretty good by the name of Ourgv. Where you actually help people raise money for their cause and a portion of your earnings go to that cause. Now it was great still a part of it but my sponsor was a butt hole and I became a free member. If I had another sponsor then I would actually stay a paid member but he acted like he was above me and only answered when I was making him money. As time went on I started getting frustrated and the business started to slow down. Ourgv was doing well except me and I had no guidance. Still frustrated and down on my luck. I started joining a business that will benefit me and change the world. One thing I learned was in order to have success. You have to like what your doing, get a product in high demand, give myself time to grow, and earn alot of money doing it. Once I started having that mind frame the network marketing business selection got better and I to myself, anyone that joins my team and stays in contact with me. I will help them become successful. Now if I am not successful then how can you become successful and I recruited you. It took me awhile to figure it out but now it's started to make sense.  All of the top earners use leads and that's what I am starting to use more and more.  Now I am with Valentus and I believe this will take off. You definitely want to be a part of this. I am recruiting people that wants to become very successful. I will do everything in my power to help you build a successful team. It cost ninety dollars to get started which is the minimum included with the product and the website. Come join my team and you will not be disappointed.

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This article was published on 01.09.2016 by Corey Burton
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