You Call The Shot! FREE sports app! Exclusive FALL launch

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Interact with LIVE Games! Created by Former "MADDEN Football" , "NASCAR Thunder" ans "NCAA Football" Design Team. $30 MILLION Invested! Fortunes will be made!

This is your chance to share in an unprecedented Billion Dollar Opportunity that is about to take the world by storm. In with us or on the out side looking in Saying Damn I heard about this back in June wish I would've joined?

A Sports Lover Like You will Love this!

You get 2 months to build a Team - No Cost or Obligation

- Build Your Team as Big as You like Sharing this Free Sports App

- App Launches in September and You'll be earning $ in October..

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When a player downloads the free app they...  Set preferences: football, baseball, soccer, nascar etc. Then you select your Teams and the App will give lists of live games you can play regularly. Select Experience Level ---Casual, Intermediate, Expert—the App tailors to you with more drill down questions as you rank up in Experience Level. When in a live game a window will pop up with a Live Play Call which includes 3 choices and there is a second clock in the corner….you choose one and that is “calling a shot” which takes a token. 

You can buy a token for 99 cents or watch and ad and get a free token.  If you call the shot correctly to win more tokens. There are major prizes as you rank up and call shots correctly. (IPads, big screen TV, cars…etc.) 

Guess who just joined us??? ?#‎halloffamer? ?#‎raylewis? ?#‎wejustgettinstarted? ?#‎ugm?

Has anyone ever played or heard of EA Sports Madden Football, Nascar Thunder, Fifa? Mark Mongie, the former EA Sports Creative Dir who lead the team that built these games is now building our free Sports App that we are Launching in September - Amazing things are happening. to sign up as a free player and be the first to play the game!

Candy Crush???? Did you make any money when it launched? Probably not, me either. What if you could get a piece of the NEXT BIG APP??? If you can share and play this FREE APP you can make TONS OF MONEY!!! This is a LIVE INTERACTIVE SPORTS APP. It is going to be HUGE. 

This article was published on 04.07.2016 by Brian C Cook
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