Travel wholesale and make money doing it

Good day,

 This is not a sales pitch but more of my own opinion on my new travel club.

 I am a regular guy who lives in Canada and I'm part of a travel club that is based out of Texas and is growing really fast. It offers a 4 and 5 star vacations for a fracture of the price. Funny enough I thought it was all fake but I tried to book and go on vacation and it really really works. The vacations top notch and the service is outstanding! But the savings are great. I saved 60% on my hotel and I saved 65% on an actual trip for my parents. It's great!

 The company has been around for 11 years and now operating in 29 countries and of course all 50 states. People from all over the world unite with only one desire - to travel more on their current budget and meet new friends..

 We also have a foundation to do good. There are many volunteer trips and so far the team build a ton of schools in Guatemala and other developing countries and Basketball courts all over America to have a safe place for kids to play...

 This works like Costco of travel so there is a membership fee of $200-$300 dollars depending on the level of pampering you would like. Also there is a monthly fee of $50-$100 which can be waved and never paid if you do everything right.

 There is a business side to this opportunity too. If you show and help people to become members as well, you receive a referral and commissions from the company. Eventually when the team grows you can receive monthly payments based on everyone's monthly dues and you max out at about $100,000 usd a month. No joke we actually have quite a few people getting paid that... That's only at 4,000 people so it's fairly simple to do for people of influence... Me myself I've been at it for 3 months and I have a team of 41 people. Oh yeah... When you get the first 4 people to join your monthly fees are waved forever. Also the money you put in $200 or $300 becomes points you can use towards trips.

 Shaquille O'neal signed up with us and twitted very simply "travel with me" and tens of thousands of people went to check out the link. I think a few thousand people signed up and Shaquille made a lot of commission... For people of influence it's very easy to make a killing getting people to follow and if you do this right, you can get paid crazy! 

I'm looking for people of influence just because I added a lot of my friends and I truly want to succeed. Most of the people are doing it for the money and surely it takes longer on our own. I want to help everyone make a killing.... So I can guide you to succeed too but for you it's easier have the fan base on social media like Facebook or Twitter. 

A video of the actual presentation is here

Please click #2 to view a cool video about everything I just told you.

I also have a very amateur site I built myself -  here 

please don't make fun of me I tried my best.

 If you have any questions please ask me

Thank you,


This article was published on 06.09.2016 by Daniel C
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Garry Bryant I am part of worlventures I just started, can you help me with my website like you did yours if possible?   1 year ago

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