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WeShareAbundance ​and its new Poverty​ Crusher Advertising​ Plan

“We place probability above possibility.”

Graham Frame 2022

We, the members of WeShareAbundance, understand that if newcomers look at this matrix plan for the first time, they will believe that it is only another advertising plan with a normal matrix/phase compensation scheme. However, it is not!

It might be technically feasible to pay a $5 fee and be put into a rewards plan which will pay you $50,000, $100,000 or possibly $1,000,000; however, it is also technically UNlikely that someone would actually get those results!

The important difference between Poverty Crusher and most other plans is that WeShareAbundance is a not-for-profit cloud nation, and so is NOT built to pay cash into the owners’ and/or shareholders’ wallets.

WeShareAbundance was designed to provide a way for our ordinary people to earn an honest financial reward. The money that would, in other systems, be siphoned off for owners etc. is all used to increase members’ rewards in a variety of ways.

The business builder system currently in operation gives away two free-upgrade coupons to members each month. Members might then give away those two coupons to two new referrals for $6 in rewards paid into their AC wallet. Those $6 can be used to buy a position in Poverty Crusher’s phase-one matrix which only costs $5. This would get you advertising credits to use, firstly, on the MultiplyWESA platform on which you can buy log-in, text and 468x60 banner ads, and then eventually on the WSA website itself when the system is finished. Both these websites need members to log in daily or regularly, so the advertising exposure is going to be good. Referrals and sales are not required to make money in Poverty Crusher, but some exposure is encouraged for the good of everyone in the program.

Our top priority is to get members to the break-even situation; with three sales positioned in your network. $10 will pay you into the next level and $2.50 is a commission* which may or may not be doubled with a Power of One Bonus.

The following sale placed in your network will give you a re-entry into level 1 and the fifth sale will give your cycle sponsor $2.50 as a commission* which may be doubled with a Power of One Bonus.

This first level may be compared to a linear plan where all who join after you is placed as a sale for you, and you are always the referer in this cycle. This is fine for members who join but do not have the skills to refer. However, this is not fair on those who do have the abilities to make referrals, so therefore we have added a factor whereby the system is set up as a 5 x 1 matrix. Direct referrals will always be positioned below their sponsors, however, any orphans will fit into the first space available which will help those who have not got sign ups.

Will there be enough orphans to aid the people who have not made any referrals?

Because we are a not-for-profit plan all the admin entries are treated as orphans, and each time any person completes all of our four levels, a total of 3,959 orphan entries will have been made in level 1. Also, every member of WeShareAbundance has a sponsor, and that sponsor may not be in Poverty Crusher, therefore anyone referred by that sponsor will also be treated as an orphan. If the sponsors later choose to join Poverty Crusher, then his sign ups will be placed under him in his next cycle.

Each time someone earns a commission the cycle sponsor gets a matching commission* and this is true for all four levels.

*Commissions are split into two. One part as a direct commission which goes into the Poverty Crusher Wallet, and part goes into a Bonus Pool. This Bonus Pool pays out your Power of One bonus at the time of withdrawal and, if qualified, this can be from 10% to 100%. So, a $5 commission is paid as $2.50 directly and up to $2.50 as a bonus. Bonus payments not claimed will go into our tokens’ liquidity pools to help all members by adding to the demand and liquidity of our currency.

There are four levels in all, which, with multiple re-entries, may earn you $3,072!

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This article was published on 02.09.2022 by Nigel Barksfield
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WeShareAbundance - generational wealth, Free to join
We are a cloud nation with the aim of solving world poverty.

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