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Actual there is an Pre-Launch which offers you a 30-Day Trial. This Pre-Launch will end on 14.04.2019. You can join our Facebook Group and get even more informations and build your business right away.

Register for FREE & GET 30 DAY Trial - End of this phase is 14.04.2019

But what does Global Takeover do? Lets have a quick look.

Global Takeover is a SaaS Company

Global Takeover is a software company that was founded by a skilled team of entrepreneurs who wanted to give people access to the latest technology in trading financial markets: Forex, precious metals, commodities and more.

This company will offer three trading bots you can pick from these are “Benjamin,” “Conservative,” and “Hamilton.” Each bot offers different levels of trading. The most popular bot for Global Takeover is the “Benjamin” where traders can set their limits and trading stats. The Conservative bot does exactly as it states and if for traders on the more conservative side who don't want to make risky trades. The Hamilton bot is for the more risky traders who want to make big trades for bigger rewards.

Please note:

Global Takeover does not offer investments of any kind, nor do we solicit any transfers of money to our company. We simply develop and sell software that users can pay a monthly subion for and use at their sole discretion.

Global Takeover believes in complying with the strictest laws and regulations inside the space of Foreign Exchange trading. We work with an experienced legal team and board of advisors who help us make all-important decisions.

After a customer purchases our software, it is entirely up to them to choose which broker to use their software with, what settings to use within their software, and how much money they should send to their broker account in order to start trading.

Global Takeover has no relationship with customers broker accounts or money transfers, and does not have any control of the trades that happen inside a customer's account. Our customers have full control over their trading experience.

Again, we supply the software and customers can use our software at their own discretion.

Money Back Guarantee

Our software also comes with 7-day risk free money back guarantee. If you cancel your subion within your first 7 calendar days of becoming a customer, you can receive a full refund. If you decide to remain customer beyond your refund period, you can still cancel at any time.

Compensation plan:

Global Takeover Compensation Plan

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