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Growing up, you were told by those in charge to eat your fruits and vegetables and you’d grow up to be big and strong. Well, those adults weren’t wrong. In fact, the entire modern medical community along with the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society all agree that one of the best ways to live a long life free from disease and illness is to consume plant based nutrition, such as fruits and vegetables, regularly.

 So while we all might know the importance of eating nutrient-rich Fruits and Vegetables every day, this seems to be an impossible task in today’s world. This is where +5 fits seamlessly into anyone’s busy lifestyle.

+5 is loaded with concentrated nutrients from real fruits and vegetables and boasts an ORAC score (antioxidants value) of over 53,000 units per serving. This far exceeds the antioxidant capacity of a full day’s supply of fruits and vegetables and, with+5 you know that you are getting the maximum amount of nutrients possible in just one serving.

We obviously can’t make medical claims, but we have seen improvements in diabetic conditions, chronic inflammation, blood pressure, mental clarity, energy and much more. This is due to the fact that when a person’s body is in balance from a nutritional standpoint, amazing things happen. The human body was miraculously designed to heal, repair and regenerate when given the correct nutrients to do so.

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Our lifestyle, environment and habits are creating a constant imbalance. Our foods are nutrient poor, and our age demands more nutrition. We have no choice but to supplement with high quality products in order to live a long and healthy life. For more information, or to order products, visit our website at www.letzthriv.com.

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This article was published on 21.10.2015 by Judy Garcia
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