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Online Shopping Is Popular And Convenient

Online shopping convenient and is by far the most popular way to shop without the hassles of traffic, crowds and poor customer service. Shopping online does, however, has its unique risk and people who do shop for the convenience must take important steps to protect themselves.

Online shoppers' have to take special precautions!

As I stated, online shopping offers conveniences not available from other shopping outlets. You can shop from any room in your home, in your pajamas, robe, etc and search for a last minute gift or complete an entire Christmas wish list from any vendor you wish. You can make every purchase without waiting in any line.

This convenient form of shopping can also provide an online hacker an opportunity, ways to access a shoppers' personal and financial information.

Obtaining unsuspecting shoppers' information the hackers are able to use this information for their own financial gain. They can do this by making purchases on your credit information or by selling the information to a third party crook.

Attackers target online shoppers'

Even with the threat of attack, there are some precautions online shoppers' can take to prevent personal and financial damage. Here are a few precautions:

Are They Reputable Vendors?

Don't give out your personal or financial information until to make sure that the business you are dealing with is reputable--or an established vendor. To do this open a page in Google Chrome check a site's security, to the left of the web address, look at the security status:


*Info or Not secure

*Not secure or Dangerous

If you have questions concerning whether a vendor is legitimate or not, this is where you will find out. Verifying the legitimacy of a company site is a first step before supplying any information is to a safe online experience.

Does The Company Use Encryption? 

An SSL--Secure Sockets Layer, is a protocol that encrypts the data -- including business forms, financial transactions, and emails -- you send over the Internet.

Many sites use secure sockets layer to encrypt information. The best way to tell if a company is secure, look for the "https" (Uniform Resource Locator). See above for security status of a company.

The Company Privacy Policies

Before providing personal or financial information, check the website's privacy policy. Make sure you understand how your information will be stored and used.

Emails requesting information

Sometimes people receive emails requesting personal information. Sometimes their emails are sent by attackers from you by requesting that you confirm a purchase.

The problem here is, a reputable online business will never solicit its customers in this manner, especially requesting personal information.

Providing your personal information in this way unsafe and should never be done. If you do receive unsolicited email(s) from a business just click on the provided link and go directly to the website by typing the address yourself.

Credit Or Debit Card

The saying "what's in your wallet?" is a good rule of thumb to remember when shopping online.

Many credit card companies have zero-liability policies, meaning you won't be responsible for any fraudulent charges made on your accounts, additionally, federal law limits your liability for fraudulent credit card charges.

Debit cards are different.  Your bank may not have the same level of protection for your debit cards.

A debit card draws money directly from your bank account, unauthorized charges could leave you with insufficient funds to pay other bills.

So in that respect, using a credit card for your purchases is a good idea.   You may consider using a low-limit credit card to minimize potential damage to your account.

You may also consider using a payment gateway such as PayPal, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay.

Your statements

Make sure you keep a copy of all online purchase information like purchase statements and confirmation pages then compare them against your bank statement and, any discrepancies should be reported ASAP.

If you found these tips valuable, use them as you shop online.  And when shopping online, do you receive cash back on all of your purchases?   

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This article was published on 01.12.2018 by Mark A. Thomas
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