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Immediate Revenue for 2023 (Local Business)

In 2023, the economic forecast is more inflation, as costs for products rises, supply chain bottle necks with less diesel, and growing tension with the collapse of fiat currencies... this is the new pandemic.  There are solutions to all of these so you remain in profit.  

Here are some ways you can stay on profit even in a downturn economy. 
1  Keep your expenses low.  Calculate your own simple profit and loss report every month.  Scrutinize your account payable sheet. Renegotiate, Audit, reduce as many frivolous expenditures as possible.  A 5% decrease in overhead is equal to 30% increase in revenue. 

2   Increase website sales conversions.  Only 10% of your audience including Unique Visitors are ready to buy now.  The other 90% want to kick to the tires.  You need a home page "engagement" so they leave their contact info. You can keep on top of them with a drip campaign.  This increases sales by at least 30%.  What does 30% more sales mean for you in profits? 

3   Build Community Omnipresence is like the used car guy ads where everyone knows his name.  You don't have to be Crazy Car Deals Larry to have omnipresence in your community.  Get out and build real community relationships.  Go the extra mile.  Make people's lifes a little better.  Be consistent and sincere.  

4   Only invest in ROI marketing and resource tools.  TV, Radio, Print do not come with roi you can track.  Ai and Digital  marketing is so affordable and gets high end results. This is ROI that pays for itself and more.  Most options are plug n play.  

AND  it is this same ROI concept that Red2Black Profits brings to the table...  Every dollar of service you receive doubled back in revenue.  Actually you gain revenue up front so you have no out of pocket expenses.  That's not "too good to be true", it's guaranteed.  You get to take a test drive.   
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Business owners do not wake up in the morning and say, "Wow, I really need a business guide!"  They do wake up to headaches, uncertain challenges, outside impacts on profits, bills not getting paid, employee turnover or layoffs, and out of left field struggles.  Am I right? 
You do not have to live with all this stress.   Not when there's a ROI guide to walk you through it all. 

Go to Red2black Profits  Website Here   While you are there, download my book, "You Have Hidden Revenue." 
Pamela Weir Profit Virtuoso  has been a local business guide and consultant since 2004.  Helping businesses scale and develop their Gold Mine as they go.  

This article was published on 30.11.2022 by Pamela Weir
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