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Welcome to our website! We are very happy to see you here.

What are we about?

In simple words, we are about bringing positive changes to your life. Be it your health, wealth or feeling of achievement; we can help you.

How do we do that?

Another good question! We work in partnership with and under the umbrella of a global company called ‘Forever Living Products’. Operating in more than 155 countries in the world, this company is helping ordinary people like you and me around the globe, achieve their dreams.

Who is Forever Living Products?

Thanks for asking! You are among the 99%+ people around the world that haven’t heard about this amazing company. Forever Living Products company is the biggest Aloe Vera farmer in the world. In short called FLP is also the biggest bee keeper. Using these top quality Aloe Vera and other ingredients from the nature, they manufacture over 200 different health and beauty products. FLP produces daily use products like aloe liquid soap, Jojoba shampoo, conditioner, toothgel, deodorant, moisturiser, lotion, first aid spray, Aloe Vera gel drink, natural anti-bacterial tablets, health and fitness enhancing products, cosmetics and so on. These products are side effect free and can help you to regain your health back and/or look your best.

Is this company really big?

Well, do you call a company that makes a yearly turnover of around 3BILLION US DOLLARS, a big company? We do. These company is effectively debt free and has asset of over 1.5 BILLION US DOLLARS around the world. This sounds pretty big to us too. And the company is growing every day. Its growth actually increased during the recent economic depression that caused loads and loads of businesses to cease operations. FLP is operating in more than 155 countries in the world and the number is increasing every year. That is not just big, that is GLOBAL!

Are FLP products really good?

People who have used FLP products will swear on these products without any hesitation. But that is not the only reason why you should feel confident about FLP’s product quality. The company itself is so confident about the products that they offer an unconditional 60 days satisfaction guarantee. So, you buy the products from us and use them for 60 days. Now if you are not happy with the quality (or anything like, you don’t like the shape of the container), bring back the empty container of whatever product you used and you will get 100% money back. FLP has consistently grown over the last 38 years offering this guarantee. Do you need anything more?

How do they do it?

Here is how. Like any other company FLP needs customers to use their products. Traditionally businesses rely on marketing and sales activities to get customers and grow business. But FLP did something different and remarkable. Instead of spending loads and loads of money for marketing and sales, they invested heavily to produce top quality products ensuring customer satisfaction and used their happy customers to bring new customers.

As a result, three things happened :

1. Customers enjoyed better quality products.

2. Happy customers promoted the products among their friends and families and started to generate an income.

3. Company made more profit without managing a huge marketing team and wasting in marketing efforts that are not effective anymore.

Hope you will agree that this is a Win-Win-Win situation.

Income by recommending products only? Really?

Just like recommending a good book that you have read or a good restaurant that you have dined in, or a good cinema that you have watched, we recommend FLP’s products that we use ourselves everyday, to our near and dear ones. And if they try FLP’s products, they love them and come back for more. We sell these products for a retail profit at that point. Moreover, FLP appreciates that we are promoting these products by giving us bonus and/or promotion based on how much business we do per month. So, we get a little more money. And the last thing is, we recruit people like us who want to earn a little extra working from home, from our customers and help them to develop a small business for themselves. FLP in return gives us another bonus on the total business volume generated by each of our such team members. Over time, this becomes BIIIIGGG income and keeps coming even if we are on holiday or looking after your children or doing all the fun things you love doing. Yeah, we know! We also thought “WOW” at this point.

How much does it cost?

Depends on what you mean by that. Yeah, please allow us to explain. If you think this is a brilliant idea and you want to use this opportunity to improve your life, you can become a Forever Business Owner (FBO) for free. So, your membership is free and you get a life membership for that price to sell and/or recruit team members in any of those 155+ countries where FLP operates. But just like opening a trade account with any big supplier, you have to purchase a small volume of products to use for yourself and/or to sell to others. In Bangladeshi taka, you have to buy products worth of around 27 thousand BDT to open your global trade licence with Forever Living Products company. You do not have to have a shop. You do not have to have certain qualification. You don’t have to be a man or a woman. You don’t have to know computers. And so on.

I do not know of any legitimate business that you can start so easily.

Is there any other benefit?

Loads!! Loads of different kinds of incentives and paid international luxurious travel and so on. But what is the point to telling you all about the benefits now? You will probably think that we are trying to impress you. Or even, “it is too good to be true”. So, lets leave that on a side for now. If you are interested to know further, we will tell you all about the benefits over phone. Yeah, what is your phone number please? (Send us your number over email to and we will phone you back. How does that sound?)

Can I really do it?

Well, the absolutely honest answer is, we do not know. This is a simple business, but as we have been living in world where most things are complicated and our brains also work in complicated ways, you have to learn some very basic skills. You have to have good intentions for people around you. Does that sound difficult?

This is not a get rich quick scheme. In fact, we can guarantee that you will not be successful unless you invest time to learn those skills and work consistently to grow your business everyday. People intending to cheat others, usually fail very quickly in this business offered by FLP.

Considering you an honest, sincere, dedicated and hardworking person, we are confident that, you will be successful with our help should you join this company.

errm…I am still not sure…

Fair enough! But before going away to watch the television, please close your eyes and think about the most important thing you want to achieve in your life. Why is this thing so important to you? How would you feel if you had achieved that? How would that change your life or your family? What would happen if you never achieved that very important thing in your life. How miserable would you feel? How would that affect your family? Think deeply.

Now, answer this question: Would you be able to achieve that most important thing of your life within next 2 years or 5 years or 15 years, doing only what you are doing today? Should you not invest probably the time of watching a pointless comedy show on the television everyday, to achieve your dreams?

This article was published on 27.05.2016 by Mojibur Shymal
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