Anti Aging Make antioxidants don't take them.

I believe that in our life time we have many opportunities presented to us & it's down to us to see that opportunity.

We all dream' we all wish' we all pray for different things' we are all unique and we all deserve a life of fulfilment.

I ran with this opportunity in Dec 2015 I wasn't looking for anything except a facial range I could use within my laser clinic! What I found was much more.........

Timing is everything and the timing is right both in life & in business.

LifeVantage is a Science based Company that has the only product in the World 

that is PROVEN - in a 10 year, federally funded study by the National Institute of Aging to EXTEND LIFE by an average of 5 years.

Nothing else extends life.  

Lowers your Oxidative stress (#1 cause of aging and disease) by 40% in just the FIRST 30 days!! 

This got me! I have been in the Health' Beauty' Wellness Industry for over 20 years' there has a been nothing nearly as exciting as this that helps with the Aging process.

Protandim the flagship product a herbal supplement activates our Nrf2 synergy pathway.

It was coined "most extraordinary therapeutic breakthrough in HISTORY of Medicine" by Washington University.

Lowering our Oxidative Stress by 40% in 30days It gives you better energy, better sleep and less aches and pains. And much more we can't legally say. After 30 days, you can no longer tell the difference of the cells of an 80 year old from a 20 year old under a microscope

Because of that, our Stock was the #5 overall performing stock in the entire NASDAQ year to date.

My customers love this

My family loves this

My friends love this

Many of my health professional friends are now selling it - because they love it and it doesn't stop at health professionals everyone needs this Anti aging product as we are all AGING.

The Health & Wellness industry is a $300 Billion industry LifeVantage / Protandim has 20 peer reviewed published studies, has multiple international patents, increases energy, helps you sleep better, alleviates pain, is now proven to extend man's life an average of 5 years, is the 5th best performing stock in the USA according to Forbes, was just added to the Russell 3000, is a AAA rated opportunity according to the industry watchdog, and pays out about 50% of sales to the independent distributors that partner to bring this "medical breakthrough to the market!!! (Exclusive distribution) And to the people they care about!

Who would you tell?

Business / Opportunity / Health / Money

This article was published on 12.10.2016 by Lisa Dryden
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