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Avoiding Overkill

Do you know what destroys most newbie marketers?


This is the #2 definition from Merriam-Webster… 2 : an excess of something (as a quantity or an action) beyond what is required or suitable for a particular purpose 

The overkill I’m talking about concerns marketing courses, tools, and systems.

The average new marketer tends to start out thinking that the latest, greatest, top-of-the-line, almost too good to be true marketing stuff will make marketing online easy for them.

It’s one of the most common and devastating mistakes you can make.

I once drove for one of the biggest trucking firms in America. 

The guy that started it didn’t head out and buy the best trucks he could find. Instead, he bought cheaper trucks, without all the bells and whistles, to launch his new company.

I was with them when the company went over $1 billion.

Back then I used to say that I didn’t need a gold-plated, ivory-handled, hand engraved hammer to drive nails, so I definitely don’t need a bunch of chrome and useless gadgets hanging off my truck to drag freight around.

I still follow that philosophy.

I’ve bought some of the most well-known marketing tools and systems that have ever been introduced. Courses, events, and coaching too.

You know what I found out?

Most of the time I was depending on the tools to do the job for me. 

I expected them to do the work and hand over the results.

I was wrong.

When it comes to business, you’ve got to buy the best you can without going overboard.

The least expensive, most effective tools and systems you can find that will get the job done while leaving you with the most profit. 

If you’re buying tools and systems with capabilities that exceed what you require to do what you want to do (which is selling your product or service) you’re likely spending too much. 

That means you’re wasting money on capacity you don’t need. Money you could be spending on advertising and finding new customers.

When I finally came to my senses, I got rid of all the over-priced software I had and switched all my marketing over to the Online Marketing Command Center.

It’s got everything you need to effectively market your business online. It’ll save you a ton of moolah, it’s easy to use, and it’s completely integrated. 

It may not be the sexiest system out there, but it makes marketing a whole lot easier.

Get yours here

This article was published on 02.03.2019 by Dave Kotecki
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