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Duplication Is King

MLM duplication is a, at it's core, what network marketing really is. In my opinion. In its most simplest terms it's a group of people within a downline who order product every month, and maybe 1 to 5 percent of these people will be the ones who are the full timers who will produce as much as the other 95 to 99 percent combined.

The sad fact is, you can spend a lot of time training and supporting  your new team members, most of whom will quit within 90 days of joining. This is most likely partially due to the fact that one can get into network marketing with very little money, so if things don't take off fast, and they realize it does take work and time to build a thriving business, they simply quit.

What helps with duplication is having standardized training for your team, preferably involving weekly webinars or conference calls where their is training and recognition. This helps solidify a sense of belonging to a community with a shared cause. This, of course, has the distributor feeling a part of something special and it makes them less likely to quit.

It is nice to know that you only need 10 to 20 percent of your team actually duplicating, in order to build a nice, full time income. One thing to realize is everyone is different and has different personalities ,skill sets, and means. As a leader, you want to teach your new recruits different ways to grow their team. This way, each individual can use whatever methods they choose.

You will often hear from successful networkers that going to your team's events and the company's events is the number one way to get your team to grow. Events cause excitement and influence people to commit. If you want your team to grow, your going to have to go to these events, and get as many team members to go as you can.

What is often overlooked, but probably just as important as training is personal development. As a leader, you want to have a list of book recommendations and encourage your team members to find a few MLM heavy hitters and /or personal development speakers to follow on YouTube or Sound Cloud

Hopefully this article will give you some ideas and some clarification as to what really is duplication in regards to network marketing.

Speaking of duplication, I want to share with everyone a way for you and your team members to find and connect with other network marketers. Check out this resource :

This article was published on 09.07.2018 by Eric Block
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Jaye Carden One of the best ways to get to that duplication is using that link you shared Eric! Just go straight to the source! Enjoyed!  4 years ago

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