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Let me tell you guys, falling pregnant the summer out of highschool is a difficult task, but since my husband and I had already been married for almost a year we understood right away that it was our purpose to become parents. And then again 9 short months after my son was born my IUD was improperly placed, causing it to get stuck and become ineffective. The universe (contrary to your own beliefs) gifted me a smiling goofy and beautiful daughter. 

My husband has been working full time hard hours at the Greeley beef plant, where he does well at being the sole proprietor for our family of four. The only problem: the living expenses for Colorado are OUTRAGEOUS. After a long spout of PPD and PPA induced by current events and today's economy, I came to the point that I knew if I didn't make some serious lifestyle changes (eg. my nutrition, taking time out for self care) that I was going to let 10+ years go by where I didn't strive towards my vision of where I WANTED to be.

When Arbonne was brought up to me, it honestly was something that gripped my attention because I was wanting to clean up my eating habits and gain more energy to be able to accomplish tasks. So when I got onto the call with my upline and she started talking about Arbonne's business opportunity, all that was going through my head was "YES" and "This is your answer" because not only did I now have a way to reach my health and wellness goals, but the financial struggle that my husband and I had been in since September of 2016 had a faint yet promising light. The end. is. near. 

The end can be near for you too! join into my team, and together we will get you to your first promotion qualification by the end of THIS MONTH!!!! If you are hard working, driven, and ready to conquer your life, start today! Begin earning IMMEDIATELY! 

Meet the gals who will make it to the top with you! We are all supportive and will walk with you as you smash through your accomplishments and personal growth!

Make money for taking care of yourself!

Where do you want to see yourself in 6 months???

Link arms with me today!! It'll be your best decision yet. Your purpose is unique! Trust yourself and transform your life to the life of your dreams!

This article was published on 12.02.2019 by Ivy Herbert
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Arbonne - nutrition, makeup,, 49 USD to join

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