Turn A Once-off Investment of $18 into over $500,000 With 4Corner Alliance Group

About 4Corners Alliance Group:

Four Corners is a Network Marketing Company founded in June of 2012. It is located at: 5550 Painted Mirage Rd. Set 320 Las Vegas Nevada 89149.

Its Mission is to:

1.    Globally improve financial awareness through Financial Literacy books delivered online;

2.    Offer a solid long-term business opportunity through the promotion of the Financial Literacy books.

4Corners Primary Income Streams:

1.    Matrix Income;

2.    100% Matrix Check Match Commissions;

3.    Residual Income;

4.    100% Residual Check Match Commissions;

5.    Selling of 4Corners Alliance Newsletters; and

6.    Four Corners Affiliate Program

The products are these Financial Education Set:

Level 1 = Financial Literacy - The essentials [book 1]

Level 2 = Lessons from the Intelligent Investor [books 2].

Level 3 = Credit Card Debt [book 4]

Level 4 = Protect yourself from identity theft [book 8]

Level 5 = Real Estate Investing [Book 10]

Level 6 = Investment Principles [Book 13]

These sets of sixteen e-books are distributed through six purchase levels, detailing various Real World Financial Topics with a unique business emphasis to help you reach your full potential and explode your income.

The earning Potential is as shown below:

Earning Per Level    Level    Number of Persons    Total Amount Earned

$4    1     4    $4 x 4 persons = $16

$4    2    16    $ 4 x 16 persons = $64

$10    3    64    $10 x 64 persons = $640

$24    4    256    $24 x 256 persons = $6,144

$60    5    1024    $60 x 1024 persons = $61,440

$120    6    4096    $120 x 4096 persons = $491520

Total Earnings    $559,824

If you want to be financially independent, join Four Corners Alliance Group, it pays weekly. You only need $18 once-off and invite either you friend, partner, family member, colleague, neighbour etc. Teach them to do the same. This is a 4 x 6 Matrix and you will earn commission in all 6 levels.

When you join:

Pay $18 once off, $10 automatically purchase level 1 Educational E-books, the remaining $8 goes for the admin fee.

Remember you only pay once-off $18 dollars to get started. You also gain rich knowledge from the e-books in your back office. This is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Get started today by introducing 4 people who surely knows 4 people because we all at least know 4 people.

For more information contact me at lewiseneyi@gmail.com.

For a brighter future join today by clicking on the link below:


This article was published on 12.07.2016 by Lewis Eneyi Oriribia
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