Top 5 Ways To Get More People Reading Your Business Announcements On MLM Gateway


You put time into creating the business announcement, but do you get a reward for it?

In today's business announcement, I am going to be sharing with you 5 ways, or 5 things you can focus on that will increase the amount of people who read your content on MLM Gateway.

So if you are struggling to get more views on your business announcement, simply follow these 5 ways to get more people reading your business announcement on MLM Gateway, and watch how you begin building an audience.

#1: Your Title

This is a huge factor in the views your business announcement will get.

When people on MLM Gateway scroll the business announcement page, why should they bother opening yours?

This is why the title is important.

The title needs to do the following:

  • Raise curiosity
  • Explain the benefit of the content in detail
  • Make the reader feel they will get something valuable from reading it

If your title can nail those factors in it, you will get open rates and people will read it.

Remember, most titles will be a promotion for a new company or product, and most people aren't looking for that. So be the one who stands out and you will get almost all the views on your business announcement.

#2: The Opening Paragraph

When MLM Gateway members are scrolling through the business announcement page, they will not only see the title, but a little bit of the opening business announcement.

This needs to be kept in mind, because many will begin reading that part to get a basic idea of what is coming.

So make sure your first paragraph does the following:

  • Mentions a pain point or struggle
  • Gives the reader more of an idea of what's coming
  • Gives the reader the benefit they will get by the end of reading
Usually asking a question that address a problem the reader may have, and letting them know there's a solution to the problem.

Also, give an example of what they will get when they finish reading.

Since people can see the first paragraph before the open the business announcement, it needs to NOT give any of the content or "Meat" of the announcement away.

This makes the reader have to open and read to get the benefit they need.

#3: Make More Connections

This is not a tip from a writing standpoint, but from a MLM Gateway standpoint.

Since all of your MLM Gateway connections will receive an email in their inbox when you write a new announcement, it would only make sense to be focused on getting more connections.

For every business announcement you write, use those credits to connect with 5 or 10 more people.

Over time this is more and more people who get the notification, and will be possible readers.

No need for these people to be on the business announcement page at the right moment like the rest of the member base.

Also, a good title will help in this area too as I've seen emails where the title is in the email body.

#4: Post On Social Media

When you get notified that MLM Gateway has accepted your business announcement and published it, you can then begin sharing it on all social media platforms.

You will see the social media icons on your business announcement, and it doesn't mean only readers can share.

You too can share your own announcement on all your social platforms, and drive traffic back to your announcement.

Doing this not only increases views to your content, but also can lead to MLM Gateway referrals which mean more credits and commissions.

#5: Message Your Connections

If you are building rapport and do a lot of messaging on MLM Gateway, then here is a little trick that can help.

Message your connections right here on MLM Gateway and let them know about the announcement.

It is wise to offer to comment on their content, or share their content as well.

This will create more engagement, which will lead to more views.

Make sure you don't turn this tip into a spamming tour, but use it with caution.

Simply letting people know, and asking if they would be open to sharing their content with you.

It can also be done on other social media platforms through messaging your connections there as well!

Bonus Tip: Consistency

Here is one way to increase views to your MLM Gateway business announcements, that is hard to explain why it works so well.

That is consistency with creating new announcements.

As you make more and more, you will begin seeing more and more organic views and engagement among your announcements.

Stay consistent and make plans to write a new announcement every week, or multiple times a week.

You can also use the credits to increase views by connection with more people, and running ads that promote the content.

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This article was published on 11.12.2018 by Jaye Carden
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Jaye Carden Awesome L.B, glad to hear that! Thanks Lynn as well for coming by and commenting on this!  1 year ago
L.B. Hasan Good stuff, Jaye! Thanks... You are becoming one of my regular go to guys, lol...  1 year ago
Lynn Martin Good tips Jaye! Thanks for sharing!  1 year ago
Jaye Carden Thanks for the comments, everyone.   1 year ago
Lemont Wells thanks for the great tips  1 year ago
Brahim Aghzaf Make you an unlimited amount of money! Grow Your Crypto 300 Club Business Exponentially by Sharing! We only succeed when you do  1 year ago

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