Can I Invest In You? Would You Like Me To Pay For Your Advertising?

Serious question, one I would like to dive into in this business announcement today.

"Can I invest my money, into you and your MLM business?"

What does this mean?

But most of all, how can it effect you and your success in the network marketing industry?

If you read today's business announcement, you will see I am serious about this, and you will also learn how you can take advantage of something you most likely will never get a second chance at.

How It Works

I've been seeing great momentum and success in my own network marketing business, and would like to help push it forward to others.

I am in a company that has a product that is selling really well in the network marketing industry, and in the customer based aspect.

I want to sponsor a couple of people, who perhaps have been thinking of getting involved in the CBD movement, and would like to get extra benefits that they would not get if they got involved with someone else.

So, here is the deal....

I Pay For Advertising 

I will pay for the cost of advertising your spot on the team, through using a template that is successfully generating leads, and getting sales.

So if you would like to take advantage of this, I can place ads under you, up to as many as you wish to earn.

If you prove to be active, which I explain below, I will continue placing ads for your link, and you keep all the signups the ads get and you get for being active.

This really is a way to explode volume for a network marketing business, and feel the feeling of having some success in the industry.

How To Earn The Ads

There will be many ways to do so, but for this business announcement, I will stick to the way everyone could accomplish.

I will run an ad (roughly 30 leads, 1 signup on average) for every 3 people you get to take the free tour and speak with us on the business model.

Meaning, if you will actively speak to others, and get them on a 3 way call, or get them to take the tour with the team (free tour) you'll get an additional ad ran under your link to increase your results.

We want to reward those who show they are committed to working and helping generate more sales.

What If My Prospect Doesn't Purchase Anything?

Doesn't matter.

If you get a legit person on a 3 way call, or to take the tour, you qualify for another ad.

If you get a purchase on your own, then you get an ad.

There will be many rewards for all types of tasks, so you know what to focus on each day.

By following the first steps we lay out, you will know each day what tasks you have to commit to, and if you complete them, bonus time!

So now is the best time to get involved in an industry that is exploding with sales from both customers and builders, and you can increase your results by working with us.

Only Here Does This Happen

So if you'd like someone else to put their money into your advertising, and you keep the sales, this is your chance.

We will not be able to do this forever, so acting fast and getting on board is important.

All you need to do, is take the free tour below, and join the team as an affiliate.

After that, email me from the contact info you get, and let me know you want to take part in the advertising from tasks.


Best of luck to you, and much success! I know this will be a very exciting and a huge skill learning adventure for you!

Just reach out to me once you join the team (any level) and we will begin helping you to get ads for tasks completed.

If you'd like to speak more on this first, just hit me up here on MLM Gateway and we'll speak here.
This article was published on 01.03.2019 by Jaye Carden
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