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Thousands Upon Thousands Are Being Freed From Credit Card Debt - How?

With the advent of Credit Cards; - Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover - in their various forms from either a banks perspective or from a certain merchant promoting their use. The average consumer has fallen into their trap of endless debt. It has been said that in the USA with a population of over 330 million, that Americans have over 1 Billion Credit Cards floating around. So that means the average man or woman has 3 or more cards in their wallet. 

With that said, you can well imagine that a card will have an average balance of $2000 dollars putting the total to at least $6000 in credit card debt per household. And also the majority of people during these hard times, are over extending themselves and can't pay down that debt. Because they have to put food on the table or gas in the car, but the household income is not keeping up with inflation, so they are turning to their cards to keep up. And who has the most to gain out of that problem? You guessed it, the credit card companies. They feed off your 20% interest you pay and not to mention the late fees, when you can't pay them on time. 

If the credit card companies weren't greedy enough, they also charge the merchant 2-3% or more for the privilege of you using your card at their store or online site. So card companies are gaining revenue from both perspectives of you the consumer, at the time of the sale from the merchant, as well as after the sale when you get your statement at the end of the month and can't pay it in full. Now some people say, "I like my credit card as I get cash back or travel points" etc... And if you are the few who can pay off your card completely every month, yes then you have that benefit. However, you realize you are benefiting on the backs of the majority who can't pay their debt off, as this is what keeps the credit card companies in business to pay for the little perks they can share with you. Do you really want to be that kind of parasite? 

So is there a solution to this problem? 

Yes there is. It's called Starfish. A new payment platform recently released that gives you all the perks of what credit cards give you plus a whole lot more. For just the annual cost of $60 US or $72 CDN you get the perks of anywhere between 200 - 800% return on your subscription. With an average family usage of 15 times per month, can be earning up to $40 or more cash back on their monthly purchases from well known retailers. 

See for yourself....

Now can you imagine if you had those fees that normally would be paid to the credit card companies, now being paid to you in a business that now blesses families, and helps them NOT use their credit cards. Thereby these families can pay them off and get themselves out of debt. And imagine if you were in a business promoting Starfish to families and they became your community of customers. And you instead now earned that 2-3% on every sales transaction that the store had to pay to credit card companies, they now pay to you, willingly. Imagine earning in your sleep on hundreds if not thousands of people who do their shopping every month. Would you not want a piece of that action? 

If you said yes... then connect with me through my contact info that is inside the video link above. Either by text or email and state you found me through this article on MLM Gateway. And lets look forward to working together to spread the word of this new found freedom. 


This opportunity is only available for the time being in North America.   

This article was published on 27.01.2023 by Wilf Richter
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