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You want to join METAFORCE and you have $10 (200)

and you have a Trust wallet/ MetaMask wallet

Message me, I can help you join METAFORCE (+27788806321)

MetaForce is on the Polygon network and uses MATIC and DAI, also rewards are given in the form of SFC and RSFC coins. The polygon Network is fast and the gas fees are very minimal eg. 0.0027Matic per transaction. 

Dai is a Stable coin, thus it is not volatile. Polygon is one the most affordable Networks on the Blockchain.

$1 = 1.2537470610686 MATIC 

$1 = 1DAI

MetaForce is currently in Pre-launch phase, where all the twelve (12) levels of the Classic system are half price. A Boost system is about to launch where new features will also be released, like the millionaires group, free NFT for qualifying members on level 5 or higher. Web3 will also be introduces into the system. 

No waiting for withdrawals, as you are being paid in DAI directly into your Trust or MetaMask wallet. All funds are withdrawable immediately.

The more higher your level, the more coins and rewards you earn.

Also available is Royal@ where your money stays in your Binance, Huobi or Coinbase wallets. Your wallet is joined to RoyalQ via API and the AI robot trade 24/7 on your behalf with the balance in your wallet. All your funds are also immediately available, no withdrawal requests. The robot buy when the market is low and afterwards sell when the market is high. The robot never loses, thus you can NEVER be at a loss with the RoyalQ system. Nobody who has joined RoyalQ ever lost any funds or occured a loss in their account since the system has started. 

Message me, I can help you join ROYALQ (+27788806321)

When you have used all your options and are tired of being scammed, then this is the opportunities for you. Here you do not send your hard earned cash to anyone or to any third party wallets. You also do not have to request nor have to wait or qualify before you can withdraw, as every payment is direct into your own wallet identified.

We have a global support group on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp and daily Zoom calls. You may request support on another platform available in your country, as we have global partners.

Message me, I can help you join our secure and trusted platforms (+27788806321)

This article was published on 29.08.2022 by Ian Botman
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MetaForce - Network Market, 8 USD to join

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