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Thank you for your interest! I'll send you some info for a while. It is therefore a brand new network marketing company on the Dutch and Belgian market. Nowhere is as much potential as here. We have 7 products, 2 are super fat burners - a coffee and a juice. You take this once a day and they help to curb the appetite & to stop snacking and to keep the portion sizes under control. The products sell themselves literally, they are great! The retail profit that you can make with this is great and direct! If you have experience with network marketing you can earn an additional 440 euros within 1 week. There are 7 ways to get paid! I would like to teach you how you can earn 3 figures per week in a reasonably short time! So the first step would be to pre-register, this starts a completely free trial period of 7 days! Would you like to receive this? In those 7 days I will send you the s and photos that really worked for me and my team. You receive guaranteed orders, collect money from everyone and then order so that you do not have to invest anything. Super easy! In the meantime, my team and I are going to recruit for you to build a team that will do the same. You get paid weekly for this. Would you like to start this up? Love

"The 7 ways you get paid" 1). Sell ​​profit 2). Fast start bonus - If you have registered people personally and order them, you will get paid - 1 box $ 20 3 boxes $ 40 6 boxes $ 60 16 boxes $ 100 36 boxes $ 200 3). Legacy bonus - When you buy the 16 boxes this makes you a Ruby, when you are a Ruby you get 100 $ per person for the first 3 rubies that you personally register. You receive $ 200 per person for all rubies you register afterwards. When you register rubies 3 rubies, you get $ 100, which is infinitely deep levels, so in the end you earn about people you've never met. 4). Cycle (this is the most unclear, don't worry too much if you don't understand right away, one day you will understand �) From the moment you have placed your first order you have a back office, when you log in to your back office and you sound on "genology" you see that you have 2 legs. When you have 100 points in one leg and 200 in the other leg, the company pays you $ 20, this is called a cycle. So if you have 5000 points in both legs, for example, you will get $ 500. You can view the points under "binary bv" in your genology. Your points come from your team and all their teams. 4). Dual team - You earn 20% on everyone you personally registered after their first order. You earn 10% on your second line, and you get 5% on your third line. At Emerald + Diamond you get 15% on your second line, 10% on your third line, and 5% on your fourth line. 6). Enrolment pool - The month runs from the first to the last day of the month - when you personally register 3 rubies in 1 month, the company will pay you 1% bonus. So you not only get paid for registering them, but you get that on top of that. Everyone should aim for at least 3 rubies per month, then you will get $ 570 or $ 870 paid depending on the level where you are. 7). Car plan - When you get the diamond promotion, the company pays you $ 400 a month for a car, if you don't want the car you get $ 200, so half the money :) Double diamond - $ 800 budget for a car Triple diamond - $ 1000 budget for an Xxxx car

This article was published on 12.07.2019 by Mieke Hohmann
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Valentus - weightloss products, Free to join

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