Does your company need working capital? 6 mos bank statements qualifies you!

Most here promote biz ops. I do too! BUT... I work a business also while by chosen programs grow. What I do for a living is quite different. I SELL MONEY FOR A LIVING! And it is the best job in the hole world!  So most here are promoting the next big thing. This isn't about that. STOP and read this. DO YOU NEED WORKING CAPITAL? Have you been in business for 6 months? How much money do you need? The company I represent loans small businesses up to $1MM UNSECURED.  These loans close often times, the same day.  Use the money for any purpose!   No hoops to jump through, no hit to your credit score, no interest and no collateral.  Simple and easy.   Visit our website and check it out.  

"So what's the catch?" I was asked by a prospect. There isn't one! The average loan length is 19 months. These are interest free loans and you qualify (most times) with 6 months of bank statements or, if you take credit cards, we would only need 3 months of bank statements and 3 months of credit card statements.  A steady income/revenue is crucial because that is what determines how much you get.  Our terms are much easier than any bank, in fact, we can help those businesses that have been turned down by the bank and felt they had no other outlet to get help.  We come to the rescue!!   

Another question I get asked is "what is the interest paid on the loan?".  The cost of the money ranges from 8% fixed to 38.99% fixed and depends on how you've run your personal life and your business life. If you've done a poor job of running your personal life and your business life, your going to get a poor offer but if you have done a good job, you'll get a good offer.  

There are several companies around that do this, and I actually went through one of them last year. Although I got funded, it was an excruciating experience that took weeks and one I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. When I found Mom and Pop, I couldn't get on board fast enough because I could see how their integrity and business ethic shown through in all they do.  So now I sell money for a living and it's great to help you!

Everyone here is so focused on promoting what they are into.  That's great! Passion and hard work will get the race won but if you win the race and have no working capital to get to the next level, where are you? I've been in internet marketing for years and it's very competitive and not always very lucrative so I just wanted everyone to be aware that there is help if you need it.    If you'd like me to contact you, feel free to leave your details here and I promise I will not use your information for anything except to get in touch with you.   Thanks!

This article was published on 15.04.2018 by Joan Nielsen
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