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SwissCoin - The NEW SWISS Cryptocurrency . 

Established by a Swiss company with a Swiss CEO

Cryptocurrency also referred to as “digital money” with the newly invented blockchain technology was established in 2009 with BitCoin. Bitcoin was the first to join the market in 2009. Since then, the world of Cryptocurrency changed forever. BitCoin started trading at $0.02 and a few years later the currency was worth over $1100. Currently, BitCoin is valued at close to $700.

Off course many people were impressed by this huge success and a few went to search of a perfect and reliable substitute for the only digital currency available at that time. With the launching of SwissCoin this search has finally come to an end as SwissCoin have some very exciting possibilities that you really dont want to miss.

A little success story about Cryptocurrency..... Kristofer Koch from Norway heard about BitCoin in 2009 and decided to invest $27. He totally forgot about it and in 2013 that 27 dollar was worth......$886,000.  Check the story for confirmation.

Imagine you were lucky enough to buy BitCoins worth $500 back then with 1 BitCoin valued at $0.02 during the launch. How many coins would you get? 

Let’s do the math my friends.

Since a BitCoin is valued at $0.02, then $500 will yield ($500/$0.02) = 25000 coins.

So that means…. 

BitCoin is valued at $700 per coin at this moment and as said you have 25000 coins. 

1 BitCoin = $700 

25000 BitCoins = (25000 x $700) $17,500,000 

WAUWWWWW thats 17 million dollars!!!! in just a few years of investing

It happend and Kristoffer is an example of that. 

Dont cry.....this opportunity is here again, a GOLDEN opportunity!! 

SwissCoin is here to make you wealthy and give you financial freedom All you need is take this chance and become a part of this multi-million chance. You are so lucky to be a part of this opportunity that will change your life for good. 

Today 1 SwissCoin is valued at €0.03 and is expected to rise above €10 within a few years.  Sound familiar??

DONT WASTE YOUR TIME and join for free and get 100 SwissCoins for free for a limited time.

For more detailed information about the investment and building a team (no selling of products on a monthly basis etc) please do not hesitate to ask me. We are always at your service!

***MLM Leaders from all over the World are more than WELCOME***

This article was published on 30.08.2016 by Mary Carmen
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Katia Escalera Hey, sounds so interesting! If it's free registration, I'm in. Please tell me more. Thank you.  1 year ago
Qaim Khan Hi Mary Carmen. I have tried to join but registration page does not open. Please help:  1 year ago

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