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I Found THE Business That Works For Me- and For You- If You Dislike Selling!!

I love my online business so much! - I had always wanted to own a business, my dream was to own a candy store, like the kind in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. -- I had also checked out the cost of starting up just about every kind of restaurant you can imagine! ....

It costs SO MUCH- hundreds of thousands, even a million or more to start up a franchise! .... I even looked into starting just a little store, and it was over a hundred thousand to start! I was so sad thinking I would never own a business.

THEN- I discovered the online business world!

Of course, even this type of business had some trial and error in finding JUST THE RIGHT business type.

I scoured through choices, many just were not for me, others were down right scams, then others were full of hidden fees, and many required selling products and I am not a sales person, and then there were some that had good intentions BUT they did not have any training or support. ️

THEN-- I lucked into finding this community of business owners that all support each other and help each other build their own online business!! ... Through this community I was able to start my online business, using a VERY cool and convenient automated system, and I do not have to bug anyone and I do not have to personally sell anything!

What I do is completely legitimate, I pay my taxes, I am not an influencer, I do not work with any type of bits or trading or anything like that!

PLUS- my business is always open and I need only spend about an hour a day on my business and I can fit this hour into my day in bits and pieces.

If you are curious about what I do- if you'd like to check it out- just send me a message and I can get you into our VIP community, completely free so you can check things out and see if you'd like to own your own online business. ️ 

Feel free to check out my website to watch a free webinar

You can also check out my Facebook Business Page here

Have a blessed weekend!

From, Stacey :) 

This article was published on 07.05.2023 by Stacey Glenn
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