Private Invitation Kuailian : Masternodes Income

Sse the Masternodes and Create Safe and Secured Income

Kuailian is a decentralized, win-win ecosystem.

Why decentralized? Because Kuailian was founded with the aim of creating services based on the Blockchain technology, providing a user experience never seen before.

For the first time in history, we have found a company that allows us to make easily part of the new technological era of the blockchain.

How does it work?

Let us look at a comparison between the traditional economy and the decentralized economy.

On the left, we can see how money is sent through a bank.

As we can see, money leaves one account and goes to another account.

The bank, which is in the centre, is in charge of checking that the money really leaves a point and goes to another, and along the way, that money is not multiplied or lost.

To perform this verification function, the bank charges us a commission.

On the right, we see exactly the same operation but carried out through the crypto-money. At this stage, a bank is not required to verify the transaction, but someone has to validate it.

This function, in the decentralized economy, is performed by the Masternodes.

Thus, a Masternode performs the same function as a bank server, but with the difference that we can all participate in this activity.


The Masternodes are the ones in charge of verifying transactions.

In the decentralized economy, anyone can buy their Masternodes, so why don't we just do it right now?

Masternodes have 2 main barriers to entry:

  • Its high cost, tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Its technical complexity.

Thanks to Kuailian, you can access the Masternodes market for only $100 and without technical knowledge.

Why be part of

1 - Easy access with a single $50.95 membership paid in Ether.

2 - We must underline the transparency with which the company operates since its management is visible through the Ethereum Blockchain.

3 - We highlight the automatisms, this means that the management of the system is carried out automatically without human intervention.

4 - We stress flexibility: thanks to the learning tools of artificial intelligence, the system adapts to changes in the market and allows them to maintain their efficiency.

5 - You have total control over your revenues because they are paid daily directly to the private wallet of your choice.

In short, we simplify the user experience by bringing users closer to market resources. complex to make our systems work for us and for you.

Kuailian : Transparency is the key

A decentralized ecosystemwhere everyone wins

Member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (J.P.Morgan; Microsoft; ING; Intel; ...)

Requisites to be a member:

  • Facilitate apps based on Ethereum
  • Accepting the internal rules of the EEA
  • Be compliant with the local regulations
To make real, safe and secured money with masternode.

Private Invitation Only to access to Kuailian.

Ask me more for your invitation.

This article was published on 29.06.2020 by Steve - TBM
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