Recycle, Go Green, Earn Revenue !!!

Earn 14% per 35 days of any amount of money you put to work!

--- Learn about what really happens with plastic waste that you throw away !!! ---

Now, an innovative company has a recycling plant and gives you   

access to that recycling plant through a website so you can

easily participate in the task of reducing the amount of

plastic waste in the world!  The plastic is recycled in factories in Poland.  

The company owners manage the plants, buys the plastic waste

(for you), hire the skilled staff to process the plastic waste,

and sell the end product (plastic granules) to factories listed

in their client database.

As a member (business Partner), you pay to buy plastic 

waste and the collection of it (at the rate

of €0.20 per kg.) after end recycling the end material have a

value of €0.60 per kg. - your profit is 25% of that.

Basically, you will earn 14% every 35 days like clock work (down to 5 minutes),

and as long as you don't touch the money - your income will continue to earn!

--- Take a look! ---


Want to sign up with Recyclix? Click on the "Get Started" button presented
near the lower right corner of this web page, and then if
the "Master Account ID" box is empty, enter my  ID number as:


into the "Master Account ID" box.


Yes! As you may have noticed on the web page, you will receive a

€20 (20 euros) welcome gift, which is about $24.50 (USD)!  

But the catch is, that you will have up to 60 days from signing-up 

to invest at least €20; otherwise, your account will be terminated!!!

There is no limit to how many recycling processes that you

have active, concurrently. For example, ...

Aside from receiving the €20 welcome gift, I compounded my profit by automatically buying more plastic

waste every time I fully complete a recycling process cycle -

every 5 weeks! Also, in addition to the €20 welcome gift,

I have invested €20 every week, on the same day/time per week

over a 4 week period, to effectuate an enhanced earning process!

But, you can invest any amount to set up multiple recycling

process, concurrently!

There is a catch though. You have to know your money is invested

in real production and used to run the factory as well so you

will only be able to withdraw 25% of the capital you put in.

However after only 9 months, the total of your invested capital

is back on your account from the profit you get.

There is also a limit of how much cumulative plastic waste you

can recycle, which is 5000 kg. To increase your limit you will

need to invest a little in factory equipment (forklifts,

granulators, shredders, sorters, and washing equipment). But

that limit will stay the same for as long as you want to

recycle. (You can not claim the invested money in equipment but

have to accept it is used to expand the factory's capacity.)

This is further explained on the website.

I do it - and for the sake of the environment I hope you will, too!

You decide how much money you want to put to work!

For the first time in your life, you can let money work for you

and not the converse!

Best Regards,

-Warren Fenwick-

This article was published on 27.08.2016 by Warren Fenwick
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