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Good morning everyone!

I’m glad to introduce to you Anahera. It is a project created by a famous researcher, writer and trainer, as well as one of the NLP’s First Master in Italy.

To understand what this is really about, we should start by the target it has proposed to achieve:

Anahera aims to be a path for people to evolve, to wake up their minds, to grow, live happy and healthy.

For once, these aren't any non-sense declarations with no practical implications. What they do implicate is a composed structure that will highly improve the quality and perception of lives in many of you.

Let’s just think about the countless videos by Daniel already online; helping people daily, that you can freely look for to understand the kindness of the material.

Anahera Co. Ltd © is composed of multiple elements: an online magazine; a real multimedia magazine that treats variable themes, a community; that has a social network function, and a network just like the ones we are used to.

Every component has its own function and characteristics, but as we are focusing on the MLM and the earnings. I’ll limit myself to explain this single part.

I have to precisely state that as this project wants to improve our lives' perception and quality, economical aspects cannot be ignored, as they are part of our daily reality.

The principal characteristic of MLM is that the registration is completely free, and with this simple inscription you’ll get access to multiple qualified material (as a money course, a complete PNL practitioner, alimentary treatises, medication techniques, etc..) at the moment already available in English and Italian, that will be continuously increasing and amplifying on its material.

The target is to create a virtual multilingual academy that reunites lectures, videos and information about any kind of subject, such as psychology, formation, public speaking, economy, culture, health and so on, thanks to formation professionals highly qualified in every each of these subjects.

All the material will be available now in a completely free and all-in way, instead of being highly paid at prohibited prices through courses and formation bootcamps done by current leading coachs.

Once you are registered, you’ll be able to create your own net for free, through shares and word of mouth.

The system, through links and different types of banners, we will be able to get whoever that shares or decides to subscribe, to be part of our team.

Parallel to personal growth and net-development, whoever that will be interested in deepening some subjects will be able to implement their own schooling by different mensual packages, which the most basic one is 10€, that will allow the access to more material and more advanced themes.

At this point, a very simple multilevel re distributional system that goes till the eighth line, will make the foregoing lines to profit a percentage from the package created inside our group. Even those who wouldn't ever activate packages besides their initial registration, will get a percentage on their eventual activations of the two first lines below them. This percentage will be available immediately on their own eWallet, ready to be transferred in their own bank account or transferred as preferred.

Although the system is already completely set up, it is still in a PRE-START phase. You can subscribe and have access to the online material, and also start sharing to create your own net, but will have to wait till October 2016 for the most part of material to arrive.

The system will always allow free registration, the enjoyment of free material and the possibility to upload a package at any moment.

The hope is that spreading certain learning instruments, a common increasing consciousness will grow and that individual development through critical curiosity will be stimulated. All of these to take us to rationally examine every aspect of our reality, instead of passively accepting them.

The quality of the offered material and the free inscription will help this project to easily spread. That’s why for who are interested will get great profits in starting now to build your own team, in a completely free way (or pre-purchase the formation valid till 31/12/2017, as the platform is already active) while waiting for the official opening in October 2016.

For those who wants to evaluate the material and the project, i’m leaving here an e-mail for every occurrence and the link to freely subscribe right away :

AnaHera | SignUp for Free

This article was published on 19.05.2016 by Gianfederico Gilardi
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