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I have been working for employers for 16 years now. Professional with educational background and all but i have always felt something was missing in my life and i couldn't figure out what it was...until last year when i came across some Facebook postings on Forever Living Products.

I was attracted by the Clean 9 detoxing program that was advertised for weight management. i bought the product and used it - i was very impressed with the results as i then lost 10 kilos overall from using the product and following the right dietary requirements.

1st of all i felt energized and revived as a person. I was very happy with who i am. People started asking me about what happened to me and i told them about the program that i have embarked on for 9 days.

i got a huge response from my family and friends looking to buy the product. When i told the lady who sold me the clean 9 about other people being interested, She said to me those are your customers. Join my team and sell the products your self to them and you will receive the profit.

i jumped into that opportunity immediately and i joined the business - i sold about 7 of those clean 9 programs in a space of 2 weeks. That was the beginning of my network marketing business.

I have now been changing a lot of people's lives through my Aloe Vera products. Our products are so good and once your customers buy for the 1st time then you don't have to look for those customers again as they are the one's looking for you that's how fantastic and great our product range is.

I am currently making around R6,000.00 monthly on team performance bonus recap and that is over and above the profit i make in recommending the products to people and giving to them at retail prices.

I am looking for hardworking - open minded people who are ready for financial freedom to come and join my team. I do give a lot of support via my 'whatsapp" group and personal meetings. Product launches and team trainings are available for all people that join my team.

I have just wittnessed a real life changing success stories in my team upline managers. These ladies have been in this business for One year , Two years and Three years and i think the longest now in the business is maybe just became four years now in 2016. All of them are now already earning 6 figure income in this business, staying in bond free houses, they are debt free and cash rich. They have fired their bass john's already. 

I am so inspired by their success and therefore am working so hard in my business and i am looking for serious business partners that are also tired of rat race with not results but debts.

The system of go to school , get good results and find a decent job has failed our parents, its now failing us. we need to do something differently and i figured Network Marketing is definately a vehicle to success. Stop being a victim and change your life today. Get in touch with me i will introduce you to one of the best Network Marketing company plans world wide. Nice thing about this company is that it operates in over 160 countries world wide. My digits 083 605 1077

The missing link from me working from employers and what i do now was "satifaction", i get a full satifaction everytime i have changed some one's life for better - whether i have done so by recommending my products to them or giving them the opportunity to earn extra income by joining my team. i have been since the happiest since i started to be a Forever Business Owner. 

This article was published on 13.07.2016 by Babalwa Mayekiso
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