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Aloha Everyone, 

Most people are looking to start a business only because they are in need of money. I am in need of money too, but that is not the full reason behind why I started this business. I have been tired of getting laid off, fired, downsized, rightsized, or whatever term they wanted to use this time. I was tired of trading my time for their money, and I was tired of Building their dreams while I was living my nightmares. I had never heard of Amway before, and yes I know there is much bad on the internet about it. I also know that there is much bad about every single one of the MLM or Network Marketing businesses out there. I am not willing to say that they don't work without at least trying them. So I did some research into the business and found it to be upstanding, and lasting. That alone did not sell me, as I wanted to know if there really were people doing it. I found there are a lot. Many unsuccessfully because sometimes we have to do what others won't do. I love people, and even have been to school multiple times to build better resources to help people, but my resources are limited to my income, and my time. I wanted to gain time, so I knew I needed to grow income. So I started this business venture, and partnered up with Amway, as they are not my boss, but rather my product partner. I also wanted to learn from the top earners so I found a partner support program, which is not required for people to join, nor is it demanded. 

So we have recently added a new site to our business. We have recently partnered up with another business, who actually supports Amway. Anyone (even if not in Amway) could use some of the material found on the site. Along with the plan we have. 

The plan can be found at: The Plan

We are not all about getting people signed up, as this is not a 2 to 5 month plan, we plan for the 2 to 5 years. If you are interested please feel free to contact me at the above site as well. I would love to share more with you personally. 

Maybe you are not looking to build a new business but you would like to see the great products we are offering with Amway. I understand that too and would not like to let anyone think I do not have products that are being offered too. If you would like to purchase products or even just browse the offerings of Amway (less the partner stores) you can without signing up. If you sign up (as a customer) you will also be able to see the partner stores, if you would like to learn more there please visit The Store and if you have questions please contact me there. I will be more than happy to help people looking for business opportunities or even looking for the perfect gift. I am here, and I love helping others.

 Mahalo and May you be blessed.

Todd Hurst (TH) from THKN-Ohana where we are always thinkin about family.

This article was published on 06.05.2016 by Todd Hurst
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