4Corners Alliance Group

4Corners alliance group is a business selling financial education ebooks for a once off fee of $18... When you refer people you will be able to generate 7 income streams with 4corners...as your network grows so does both your income and your financial education so what $18 gets you is a lifetime membership, virtually unlimited financial education,..from property investment, gold investment, precious metals, trusts,forex and so much more. 7 income streams no capped amount on your income so the sky is the limit.

In simpler terms, you join by $18 once off fee and you are registered, you get your own database then you recruit four people or more. You teach your team to do the same, that is how you generate your income. You earn from 6 levels. On each level you upgrade you have an eBook to read in your back office. The method of payment used is solidtrustpay (STP) and your visa/master card.

Level1=4×4 people $16. $10 is deducted to upgrade you to the 2nd level. The system is automated.

Level2=$4×16 people=$64,$25 is deducted to upgrade you to the 3rd level

Level3=$10×64 people=$640,$60 is deducted to upgrade you to the 4th level

Level4=$24×256 people=$6144,$150 is deducted to upgrade you to the 5th level

Level5=$60×1024 people=$61440,$300 is deducted to upgrade you to the 6th level

Level6=$120×4096 people, $491520

Total commission made is =$559824

Total deduction is = $550

Commission s are paid into STP or VisMaster card and is paid 

4Corners has something called a check match,..which means you get a check match of the people you refer, if you refer someone and they make $1000 you will get a matching check of also $1000 so if you refer 20 people and they all make $20000 each then you will get 20×$2000=$40000

The company is all about generating multiple income streams, as you grow you will need the appropriate financial education to learn how to build unlimited wealth for generations to come. The financial education you will get as you grow must be relevant to the level you are at. Meaning if you start you won't get the stuff that's for the millionaire s simply because it won't interest you at the time and you won't be able to make a million dollar investment and you will get unplugged.. So you will get access to the tools at your level and as you grow so does your tools to empower you financially. So 4Corners is about the opportunity to earn 7 income streams because that is what financial freedom is about. It encourage people to generate multiple income streams.

My link:http://www.fourcornersalliancegroup.com/?a=dreamwise

This article was published on 23.08.2016 by Banny Mmaseate Ramulumo
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