KIBO PLATFORM your gaming platform for $ 130 with a marketing budget of $ 2 500

KIBO is the first lotto service in the world built on blockchain which is a register of transactions in a decentralized network of ethereum (  Copy  on your browser to get started). 

This is the opportunity to get your own gaming platform that pays you 10% of each player's tickets.

So what you get in the platform for $ 130?

Your own gaming platform in 14 languages

Control panel with full statistics of all transactions on your platform

Daily calculation of profits

The complete absence of fees and restrictions on withdrawals

Technical inability to interfere your business by a third party, and 100% guarantee of your income payment

Ready-made tools to quickly build customer base on your platform

Virtually all of this you can see after a simple registration on the web site, but in the last paragraph I will focus in more detail.

Get Your Own Gaming Platform Now

Where income comes from?

As a owner of the platform, you will receive 10% of each lottery ticket bought on your platform by all users down to level 5. Since your customers will recommend platform to their friends, you can end up with thousands users in a short time. KIBO has built a powerful marketing tool in the platform that works for you and it is based on a series od free draws i.e. your customers get free tickets and they also invite their own friends giving them free tickets. And the prize fund will be in millions dollars with a marketing budget of $2,500,000.

This means that for $ 130 you will get not just a finished gaming platform with all the benefits, but also a powerful tool for engaging customer base with the marketing budget of $ 2 500 000. To start the growth of customer bases on your platform you just need to build the first line of customers. You can do this by giving others free tickets to a series of draws with large cash prizes. What could be simpler?

Then the company motivates your customers to do the same, and your customer base starts to grow exponentially without you. Further, the company begins to convert your customers into paying ones, and your income starts to grow. Minimum effort and you can get a growing source of income.

 Now let’s talk about income.

How much your income can be?

I think everyone would agree with me that any Internet user can present free tickets to his friends on social networks to participate in a series of free draws with a prize fund of $ 2.5 million. How many friends can it be? I think 50 people in a few hours with a cup of hot tea in hand will not be a problem for anyone.

So in total you have 50 customers on the first level. Let’s assume that your customers were not as active as you are, and didn’t invite average 50 people, only 3 each. What will your customer base be down to level 5 in this case?

Level 1–50 customers

Level 2–150 customers

Level 3–450 customers

Level 4–1350 customers

Level 5–4050 customers

Total 6050, which is not bad consider that only 50 of them were invited by you.

Today in the world average statistical user spends on tickets purchase around $ 30–40 per month. Let’s not be so optimistic, and assume that your users will likely spend $ 5 on tickets purchase. This means that when such scenario monthly turnover of your platform will be $ 30,250. Your income as platform owner is 10% that in money terms is $ 3,025 per month.

Let’s sum this up. You bought a platform for $130 and at the start spend a few hours at invitation of the first customers. That’s probably all your investments, after your income is increasing by itself. Of course no one is stopping you from inviting more customers, there are no restrictions, and it’s your choice. But running process of customer base growth will work without you after first step. All of your earnings depend on the size of your efforts at the start.

Of course everyone has different needs, but I think many will agree with me that this is a very good return considering such investments of time and money.

Final Reminder to Get your Own Gaming Platform That Can Pay You $3,025 per Month Now

Thanks for your time

This article was published on 08.10.2016 by Noah Roger Justin
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