5 Ways To Get More Leads By Promoting Your Link To Any Offer

We all have a link that leads traffic to a specific offer, opportunity, or subscriber page.

And for many people, getting others to even become a lead, can be a headache.

But the truth is, the longer you're in this game, the easier and easier it gets to get leads from just about any offer or link you promote.

And today, I am going to share with you 5 ways to getting more leads from promoting that link you need more people to opt-in to!

#1. The Basics (Social Media)

We all do the same thing once we begin promoting a link.

First thought we have is social media.

This is one of the ways to get opt-ins, and by having more and more accounts on various platforms, you increase your amount of opt-ins.

But, keep in mind, the more you make someone curious, the better it is to get clicks. Tell too much in your postings, then don't expect many opt-ins.

#2. Using Content

Now, if you want to get some more serious opt-ins, and more targeted ones, then use content.

Content can be any of the forms below:

  • Your blog
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Podcasts / live broadcasting

Content takes work to put together, but has a long lasting effect.

When you begin promoting something, be sure to create a lot of content in various forms and promote your offer in the content you write.

The content serves as the magnet to attract a specific minded person, where they will discover your offer or link inside the content as they view it.

#3. Advertising

If you want to quickly get a lot of opt-ins, that turn buyers as well, then the use of advertising is key.

Advertising gets fast results, but stop once you quit paying for them or earning them.

Here are several ways to advertise:

  • Social Media Ads - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc
  • PPC - Search engine ads like Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Banner and Text Ads - Some of my most effective ads are indeed text ads
  • Solo Ads - Fast list building method
  • Craigslist - several classified sites to use both free and paid ads

By using as many methods as you can afford, and as many free methods as you have time, advertising is super important to getting your link promoted heavily.

#4. Word Of Mouth

So many skip this, because it seems ineffective.

Perhaps because an ad can reach thousands, and only a few come from it.

So only a few you can talk to, shouldn't lead to much... right?.... WRONG!

My most profitable result was from telling someone in person.

Talking to people in person has a huge effect on a person's thinking.

Because they heard it from someone, the odds are they take it more serious. Unlike an ad that is no different from all the others. 

This is why in person promotion is so effective, and should not be left out.

#5. Your List

The basic reason of promoting anything is to build the list of email subscribers.

So as you begin building your list, remember you are also building a crowd of people who are interested in what you offer or do.

Next link you come across, or any new info on the same link, be sure to email all those who are on your list.

Over time it will become thousands of people, who already know you (considering you nurtured your list) that will be interested in what you now have or what changes have occurred.

Never leave this one out, as you begin building it on your very first offer you promote.

Together, These 5 Areas Get Stronger

If you are focusing on using all 5 of these areas of promoting, you will see an increase in profits each time you run a campaign.

For instance, your first attempt at promoting something should be your worst results.

Over time, you get better at the 5 areas, and of course your list continues to grow.

So always be focused on getting better at all these areas, and using them on a regular basis to reach the level you desire to be at.

Did This Help?

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This article was published on 18.12.2018 by Jaye Carden
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