How much money can I make in SFI?

Many members have been asking what the income potential is of the new comp plan from SFI. The best estimate is to take our The-Plan page's program of 5 members wide down up to 12 tiers.

In the image below I will be covering the 5 Wide structure down 3 levels for both Tcerdits 125 Pack and Builder Bundle Packages. I added another 3 levels for the 125 pack to show potential ad a Bronze Team Leader. Please note these are potential earnings and no two affiliates are the same. Some will put more than 5 members on their 3-12 tiers, others will only do 2-3 members on each tier. Some may take months to fill a matrix like this and others may take 10 years.

Fact is this is a perfect world scenario and you can see that even a BTL under the new plan stands to make a substantial amount of earnings by following The Plan and using systems like Opti-Build to ensure depth, as well as width, are created.

What does a 5 x 3 Matrix look like dropped inside the SFI new comp plan using the 125 Pack and builder bundles as examples?

The basis of computation is 5 member under each PSA or Affiliate upgrading to a rank of Executive Affiliate each month. It also depends on building your 3-6 levels of override commissions times 5 members width. The fixed cost is $36.25 a month on 125PK and $59 on Builder Bundle. Direct Commissions are at 20% and Over Ride commissions down 3 levels at 4% on a commission volume of $17.66 for the 125PK of t-credits and $20 on the builder Bundle. Note these are just the 3 and 6 tiers qualified for on a structure that can go up to 12 levels deep if you rank up to the next levels through sale or purchase VP.

 I am hoping you enjoy this fun little exercise and use a calculator to see if you can live with figures like 40% to 150% of these computations. I know I am aiming to blow these numbers out of the water. I also wish to state I didn't factor in Team Leaders in your downline or add in CSA earnings or commissions off PRM sales. I deliberately left them out as well as intangibles like Rewardical earnings which can and will likely be substantial as we grow.

Feel free to share this post with your teams and be sure to tell them all things are possible, think New York City, London, Prague, Karachi, and the great pyramids. Each piece was a dream, each dream required a team and time, but every dream was accomplished and those dreams keep rolling in. 

I don't know any more than any of you about what SFI has in the future, but my feeling is there will be no more new things coming this year. SOOOOO......

If you are serious about earning money with SFI, then you have to start or continue doing the things required that will build your team and create the sales needed to earn the money you want.

Only sales will produce commissions. SFI's top selling product is TCredits. If you can recruit any people to play games, as PRM's, they probably are not going to be interested in purchasing TCredits right away. They just want to look around and play some games for free. They are window shoppers. Some of them may eventually buy TCredits if they spend enough time on TripleClicks and see something they like.

People who are recruited to bid in Astro Auctions may be more interested in purchasing TCredits sooner than later. But again, a lot of them are just window shopping -- taking a look around at the program when they first join.

So, unless you know the people personally, don't expect results from any PRMs' right away. People will generally buy from people they trust. Even then, a lot of sales just take time.

The best option for selling TCredits is advertising the SFI business opportunity. Starting their own business. Purchasing TCredits monthly, and using them on Astro Auctions to earn Rewardical Tokens. And building a team of their own who do the same things.

Now, I know it sounds a little crazy, but building a team of people who spend some money every month in this fashion does actually work -- but only if you are committed to making it work. Everyone who joins has to believe in the program, and show other people how it can work for them.

I do understand that a lot of people from different countries may not be able to afford these purchases every month. But, they could join the program, learn how it works, and just try advertising for people to join their team. After all, just because they can't afford it right now does not mean they can't recruit people who do believe and are willing to make purchases, which would earn commissions for them.

Most times, your business building efforts are not what you can spend, but who you can recruit. That is where your maximum effort should be placed.


SFI's business model is based on referrals who are willing to buy - like it or not. So put your focus on referring to people who might be willing to make purchases. It is the only way you will be successful here.register here

This article was published on 08.10.2018 by Eli Paunoska
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