ROYALQ- A Robot That Trades Your Crypto without losses!!!

Recently, I came across something amazing that am sharing with friends, have you traded with a robot before Or would you love to get an automated system that can trade for you and make money Daily without Requiring your Trading Experience or supervision, while with Full control Over your funds?, You don't have to send your money to anyone or any website to Trade for you yet you make Good Profits. If interested, read further.

 WHAT IS ROYALQ ? ROYALQ Is a software robot created to read and trade on the world's largest EXCHANGES... BINANCE, COINBASE or HUOBI EXCHANGE BINANCE, COINBASE, HUOBI and ROYALQ are different platforms. All you need to do is connect your BINANCE, COINBASE AND HUOBI exchange API to interact with the ROYALQ bot. BINANCE is the WORLD'S FIRST LARGEST and most trusted CRYPTO EXCHANGE; COINBASE is the WORLD'S SECOND LARGEST and most trusted; HUOBI EXCHANGE is the 3rd world's top crypto exchange. As our adoption increases. Many crypto fans will choose ROYALQ to do AUTO TRADE ON BINANCE, COINBASE AND HUOBI because ROYALQ bot subscription fee is cheap at $120 per year ONLY. BEST TRADE DEAL EVER: {80/20} 80% PROFIT for clients, and 20% for ROYAL Q brokerage. Your Capital is safe % because the client does not need to deposit the trade CAPITAL to ROYALQ.

Your hard earned money remains in your Binance, Coinbase or Huobi accounts hence you do not lose control or access to your funds at anytime* BINANCE, COINBASE or HUOBI allows ROYALQ to connect to the API, it is able to read trades and complete BUY AND SELL PROFITABLE TRADE ORDERS AUTOMATICALLY WITHOUT HUMAN INTERVENTION: The ROYALQ Bot is able to make a trading profit of 0.5% - 5% per day and 20 to 50% per month Depending on the performance of the market. At other market days we are able to make 2% to 5% a day. We have also seen trade triggers on certain assets of up to 23% in a day, so it all depends on the market Performance. FAQ How much can I expect monthly? Conservatively between 20 to 50 percent per month (bear or bull seasons). PLS NOTE Please know this is a worse case scenario. The ROYALQ bot has recorded huge gains in excess of ten times the average returns especially in (bull markets). How much Do I need to Start? *Only $120 for the robot Activation for the whole year and $20 gas fee and then choose any amount from $100 Onwards to start trading. The more Trading capital u use, the more Profits you make Does it take long to set up this bot? No, set up takes less than 15 minutes How am I sure this will work for me? 

 *The ROYALQ bot is for anyone and everybody's profiting regardless of class, religion, age, academic background or race, with a Proven Profit Generating Record Can I withdraw my money at anytime? Of course, Yes you can, ROYALQ bot does not hold deposit, your Capital and Profits is in your exchange account always. Is this better than giving my money to people or online companies to trade for me? As you know, many online companies and individuals have promised heaven and earth, in the end 99.9 percent of the time, they have scammed people of their hard earned money. But with the ROYALQ bot, you will always remain in control 24/7. 

ROYALQ is the game changer and nothing comes close to this innovation. Are there benefits if I share this with family and friends? YES! Though in ROYALQ no one is compelled to refer anyone to make money or be active on the platform, but if you do refer others, there’s a mouth watering benefit for you. You can always ask the person who shared this information with you to know more and help you get started immediately. What does the ROYALQ bot help me do in summary The ROYALQ bot helps you to be in control of making money from the cryptocurrency market without being an expert. In simple English, You will be able to print your own money from the crypto market without stress. and more importantly, without you sending your Capital to anyone or websites to trade for you Do I need to be an expert? *No, with ROYALQ, many newbies have said they will recommend this even to their grandma because it is very easy to understand and use. 90% have declared it profitable in their first month. You welcome to RoyalQ, Join us Now to Start printing Dollars Daily

You buy the robot and it's gas fee at $140 for the whole year and then choose any amount from $100 Onwards to start trading. The more Trading capital u use, the more Profits you make The robot can Produce between 0.5 to 5% Profit of your Trading Capital Daily depending on the performance of the market.

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This article was published on 27.01.2022 by Goddy Ken Madukwe
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