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Virginia and I (Dan) began networking in 1984 and were finally able to find a good company in 1994 and went full-time.  Over the course of the next 11 years through our global teams, we sold hundreds of millions of dollars to our customers and downline distributors, but that's old news! 

The world has dramatically changed since the old - invite people to your house or hotel room and play a Betamax or VCR video presentation. With everyone now carrying in their purse or pocket a phone with more computing power than was used to send the first man to the moon, communication is global, free and instantaneous.

The brave new world belongs to social media marketing. 

Gone are the days where it took years to become a master inviter, master presenter and master trainer. So too, the length of time required to build large teams has been dramatically compressed.  "What used to take several years "is being done in weeks or months"

We are offering, teaching and supporting the use of a State-Of-The-Art digital marketing system that really works. "Brand new distributors, even those with no prior experience, are creating growth and success at rates never seen before." 

We invite you to kick our tires so to speak, and "test drive our system" to see if its really as powerful as I am suggesting. Please.....  Click on this link

You will see a quick introduction video, then you'll be offered the opportunity to learn more through a second video about breakthrough products. In fact, one product is so profound, the science backing this product won a "Nobel Prize in the category of Physiology or Medicine". Following these two short videos, you will once again be offered the opportunity to learn even more and watch a video about our mega-wealthy co-owners/co-founders backing this company. Finally, for those that want to explore yet further, you will be extended an invitation to learn of our unparalleled compensation package. This final video does the unthinkable- it boldly lists average incomes earned by our distributors rank by rank.

Truthfully, our system does 95% of the the screening and presenting for you. This frees you up to only spend your time with those people who are actually interested in our specific opportunity right now.  

If you are interested in Global marketing, at this present time, we are already operating in 62 countries, through 20 Regional Home Offices, supported by 22 warehouses. We truly are a global company and expanding rapidly. 

Important note:  At anytime throughout the exploration process you want to opt-out, you will immediately and completely be disengaged. So please, even if you just want to see what the competition is doing, Check This Out! 

Dan SwinDell

Kyani Diamond Distributor

(509) 670-2855 cell/text

This article was published on 19.05.2016 by Dan SwinDell
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Jason Ray Kyani is great. One of the best decisions I've ever made   2 years ago

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