The 4 Factors Needed To Automate A MLM Business (plus video with information)


Have you ever wished you could automate your business?

Have just a simple plan of action each day, a set of activities to feed the automation?

It does indeed make it easier to build a team, but having the automation, is the key.

In today's business announcement I will share with you the 4 factors you need to put into place in order to build automation in your MLM business.

Let's see if you have any of them, and which ones you'll need to build for it.


Landing Page

This is where it starts.

Having a replicated website from your MLM company will not work.

You need a landing page to capture leads, and know who has a possible interest in what you have.

To make a good landing page (capture page or squeeze page) you need the following:

  • Modern looking page, little info but offers something nice to the visitor on the other side
  • Form that collects name, email, and has phone as optional
  • Must offer a benefit, information or offer on the other side, that would reflect someone who would need your product or service

Replicated pages do not do a good job of capturing possible interested visitors. 

So if you have no funnel, you'll need to make one.


The Follow Up

Having a landing page will convert a very little amount of visitors into sales.

So having the follow up is key.

If the visitor was truly interested but didn't purchase for whatever reason, you need to continue following up with them until they do buy.

Most people lose these sales as they never get in contact again with a person who would of bought.

Email follow ups everyday, and if possible, a few phone calls, is all it takes to close the deal with someone who planned on buying later.

Now you increase sales by a little more.


A Benefit

There also needs to be a benefit for the person buying.

Not just the benefit of the product and opportunity, but an extra benefit.

This can be a gift for joining, or placing them in a special spot, or setting them at a higher level on a lower purchase. 

The benefit is what gets people to join you, and not someone else.

The benefit also turns people who were on the fence, to decide to purchase with you and your company instead of another.

Putting the benefit of joining, on top of all the company benefits, will convert just a few more people.


The Deadline

Want to know the most converting factor of all? It's the deadline.

People put stuff off, especially purchases.

So by loosing the benefit above by not getting in by a deadline, will convert a larger amount of people then anything else.

Deadlines work. Deadlines get fence sitters onto the team within a time period.

Having a deadline to take action is a good way to create fear of loss, and signup more people into your MLM business.

Want To Know How To Feed An Automated System Heavily?

Now that you have the 4 factors in place to create network marketing or MLM automation, you simply need to focus on generating those leads for it.

The system and follow ups can make a lot of sales for you, so you have more time to work on getting people into the system.

On my official blog and website, I list the same 4 factors above, but I also share with you the strategies I personally use to feed my automated system a lot of leads.

This in turns creates sales for me, and builds a team for me.

To learn more on some very effective ways to generate leads just go here and view my latest blog post where I share with you several lead generation strategies.

Did This Help?

If this really helped open your eyes at how MLM automation can be possible, then please leave me a comment below.

Also, don't forget to send me a connection request over as well. We can continue to share value with one another through our connection!

P.S Want to see a fully automated MLM system work? Take this free tour here and you can even keep the downline it creates if you want. This is a true automated MLM system, already built for you, with high selling product lines.

This article was published on 18.11.2018 by Jaye Carden
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