Get In, Get Wine, Get Social With The Fastest Growing MLM in America!

Are you a wine drinker? If No, I can most certainly guarantee you know people that do. If Yes, my next question is, would you like to get paid to drink wine?

Direct Cellars Elite Wine Club is paying people to drink wine! That's right. No selling involved. Just simply, Get In, Get Wine, Get Social!

This is the fastest growing Network Marketing company within the United States, and our goal in the next 18 months, is to be the biggest wine club in North America. The following link is an introduction video of what we here at Direct Cellars are all about!:

Click for the Direct Cellars Intro Video

Direct Cellars is not your average Network Marketing company, and that's because we don't treat it like one. We are not expecting our members to go out and sell wines that no one has ever heard of before, or some new concoction. No. We are people, who love to drink wine, coming together with other wine lovers to enjoy the tasty beverage.

How it works is like this. When a member signs up, they can do so at either two different levels. The basic lover is our 'Premium Wine Lover', where for $249 USD the person will receive 4 Bottles of the wine on initial sign up, shipped free to your home address, as well as a monthly shipment of 4 more Bottles of wine for a monthly membership fee of $80 USD. The higher level membership is what is called out 'Premium Wine Lover ELITE' where for $499 USD the person will receive 12 Bottles of wine on initial sign up, as well as the same 4 Bottles of wine for $80 monthly membership fee. All Shipping is free, and you will never have to pay more than $80 a month.

Now.... I know what you're thinking. $80/month for 4 Bottle of wine? I can just go to Walmart and get 4 Bottles of half the price or less.

This is true.... HOWEVER, here at Direct Cellars, we never, ever, EVER ship our members wines that you can find in stores. No. We ship hand selected, picked by our 2 wine experts who travel world-wide, Artisan wines that you can't find in stores. This isn't $5 Moscato wine. Direct Cellars only ships PREMIUM wines from around the world for you to drink, and every month are new brands. The best part is, if you receive a bottle of wine, and you absolutely do not like it, you can give it back to us, and we will ship you another brand of wine! This is 100% Guaranteed by Founder David DiSteffano.

Also, when you refer 2 people to the Club, your initial sign-up free is free, sign up a third person, and your monthly wine is free. FREE WINE! And when you sign someone up at the lower level, you will receive a check THE VERY NEXT WEEK for $125, sign someone up at the ELITE level, you make $250, again, THE VERY NEXT WEEK! There is also an amazing compensation plan that will allow you to receive residual income from a variety of different ways.

Here is a video of Founder David DiSteffano and Peter J. Jensen breaking down this great opportunity!:

Direct Cellars Breakdown

This is a great, extremely fast growing opportunity in the U.S., where you can drink wine, for free, and get paid to do it!

Please feel free to message me directly on MLM gateway. Also feel free to email me at

Or simply go to to sign up, and start making money right away!


This article was published on 15.09.2016 by Tyler Biegerl
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