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Superlife Business Opportunity is an online marketing industry were we are looking for distributors of StemCell products. StemCells have the ability to prevent illnesses from more than 134 diseases such as BP, diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart attack, infertility and many more.

To be part of the SUPERLIFE GLOBAL TEAM, one needs to buy a package and you get registered. Then you good to go and enjoy the Health benefits of the miracle product as well as earning bonus from introducing others to buy SuperLife products. The Super package costs $1250 and you get 20 boxes of STC30 which is a total care therapy. With this package your are a stockist for your team and can earn up to Nine bonuses, with unlimited earnings. 

These bonuses include the following ;

 Repurchase Discount - for being a member, you enjoy discounted prices as you come back to buy SuperLife products. You can then go and sell these at a profit. 

 Direct sponsor bonus- by simply introducing a person to buy a package and registering that person, the company pays you a bonus direct sponsor bonus which is a percentage of the package that person buys. 

 Pairing Bonus -  the company uses a Binery Compensation plan. This means you place one of your downliners on the left and the other on the right. By placing the two on the left and right, company pays a pairing bonus in relation to the number of points earned. 

 Upgrade Direct Sponsor bonus - if your down liner bought a lower package, then decides to upgrade to a higher package, company pays you the upgrade direct sponsor bonus, irregardless of the fact that you were paid the direct sponsor bonus earlier. 

 Upgrade Pairing Bonus - say your 2 downliners, one on the left and other on the right both  decide to upgrade, you also get paid for the upgrade pairing bonus for the  two. Thus amazing. 

 Roll up bonuses 

 Key in bonuses-paid to Super package holders for registering new members yo the team. 

 Global Pool Bonuses

 Gift Points 

Earning with SuperLife is easy, you just need to  get started, then find your two, teach them to get their two, then monitor the Duplication process. Life is Super @SUPERLIFE 

To sign up please contact 

This article was published on 14.06.2021 by Miller Dube
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Superlife World - Plant StemCell, Free to join

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