Discover How to have Residual Income 365 Days a YEAR! PAID DAILY

Are you concerned about where your next work position/job will be? 

Or feeling stuck in the 9-5 grind but don’t know how or what to do about changing things?

Well I have been their and I have travelled my journey of self discovery and finally have an understanding of how to better leverage my time by creating a residual income paid DAILY… You may say this is not possible or that it would NEVER work for me! I had those thoughts too and then I had a big AH HA moment and said ‘WHY NOT ME’ I have discovered that each an everyone one of us can achieve a work life balance… You have to have a big enough WHY to do it. I am looking at my WHY everyday in the faces of my husband my children and now my grandchildren. I want to be there when they celebrate milestones not missing out because I had to go to work. Think about it you are swapping your time for money and let me ask you a question.

Can you buy back time?

I haven’t found a way to do it… Let’s not have regrets lets have more fun, freedom and fulfilment in our life.

I have discovered Saivian and this is now allowing me to have a daily residual income and I have to do 2 things and that is stop throwing away my receipts and share this exceptional concept with those that could benefit. That’s everyone!!! Let me explain…

First Benefit: Retail Shopping Membership (RSM) As an active member with our Retail Shopping Membership (RSM), you will have access to receive up to 20% cashback on your everyday shopping! 

Example: 1. Weekly shopping, fuel the car, purchase clothes for the kids and then go out for dinner and your total spend for all of this was the maximum amount of $300 USD  20% cashback would be $60 USD or Monthly maximum amount of $1,200 USD  20% cashback would be $240 USD   So your return on your receipts for the month =$240 USD  – membership of $125 USD gives you an extra $115 USD  per month just for scanning your receipts each month. 


Second Benefit: So you share this with 3 people who join and your residual income begins and is paid into your account (EWallet) on a daily basis. All you need to remember is to have personally sponsored 3 people and they remain active you will receive the residual income daily, and when you sign each of them up remind them all they need to do to collect their daily residual income is share and sign up their 3.. By duplicating this process we all benefit from daily residual income.. Membership is $125 USD  paid every 28 days, so when you think about it you can have it taken from your receipts or it can come out of your daily residual income either way it is a win-win situation. 

Saivian has factored this in so that once you begin you will never have to pay this out of your pocket again it comes from your daily residual income or from the 20% Cashback on your receipts.. 

Remember to shop…save…share.. 


Let me ask you… How much daily income do you need to be financially free? 

If you NEVER sponsored one person – you can STILL receive an extra $115 USD max per month = $1380 USD per year for doing nothing different but sending your usual shopping receipts to SAIVIAN. (Provided you spend the max amount of $300 USD) what could that little bit extra do for you?

AFFILIATES If it took one month for you to find 3 and you NEVER sponsored again, and it took one month for those 3 AND ALL NEW AFFILIATES JOINING YOUR TEAM TO JUST FIND 3 EACH IN THEIR FIRST MONTH and don’t sponsor again… this is what would happen 

MONTH                                TEAM SIZE                             AFFILIATE PAY per day USD

1                                                 3                                                           $5 

2                                                12                                                          $20 

3                                                39                                                          $30 

4                                                120                                                        $50 

5                                                363                                                       $150 

6                                               1092                                                     $500 

7                                               3279                                                     $750 

8                                               9840                                                      $3000 

Think about your WHY and Join me today..

To our work life balance.. 

Jeanette Nugent 

This article was published on 14.07.2016 by Jeanette Nugent
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Saivian - 20% Cashback receipt, 125 USD to join

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