Help to reduce plastic waste and earn.

Earn 14% per 35 days of any amount of money you put to work.

Plastic waste is a huge problem for our environment and the oceans

Now an innovative group of people have put together a recycling plant and give you access to that recycling plant through a website so you now easily can participate in the task of reducing the amount of plastic waste in the world.

The plastic is recycled in factories in Poland and Latvia.

The people who owns the facility runs the plants buys the waste (for you) hire the skilled staff and sells the end product granulate to factories in their database. 

Your participation in this is to pay in money to buy plastic waste and the collection of it. €0.20 per kg. after end recycling the end material have a value of €0.60 per kg. - your part of the profit is 25% of that.

But basically for every 100 you pay in you will get out 14 every 35 days like clock work (down to 5 minutes)

and as long as you don't touch the money - your income will continue to come. 

Take a look:

You can choose what to do with your income - personally i don't think 14 euros is a lot to cheer for so i compound my profit (automatically buy more waste every time I get paid) 

I will soon reach 280 euros per 35 days and will start take out my profit for a while.

There is a catch though. You have to know your money is invested in real production and used to run the factory as well so you will only be able to withdraw 25% of the capital you put in. However after only 9 month the total of your invested capital is back on your account from the profit you get.

There is also a limit of how much waste you can recycle - it is all explained on the website.

The first 5 ton is free. To expand your limit you need to invest a little in equipment. But that limit will stay the same for as long as you want to recycle. (you can not claim the invested money in equipment but have to accept it is used to expand the factory's capacity)

I do it - and for the sake of the environment I hope you will to. 

You decide how much money you want to put to work.

For the first time let money work for you and not the opposite.

Kind regards

Peter Larsen.

This article was published on 09.07.2016 by Peter Larsen
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